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Special offers and Menus

Special offers are only available by booking online with thefork.
You'll be able to select the menus in the last step of booking, if available for your criteria.
Special offers

50% off food

Set menus and drinks not included


Menu de San Valentin 30€

Drinks included, Menu For 2 people. Valid el 14 de febrero dinner.

This menu includes: Start + Principales a elegir + Desert + Drinks a elegir

  • Starter
  • Carpaccio vieiras con bloody mary de sake
    Tartar Salmón Kimuchi
    Tempura Tigre
  • Main course
  • Soy Gre Maki
    (ventresca con aguacate y crujiente envueto en mamenori)
    Soft Shell Crab Roll
    (cangrejo de concha blanda con aguacate y marcado con furikake)
    Niguiri de pez mantequilla con trufa
    Niguiri de lubina flambeada con miso
  • Dessert
  • Fondant de chocolate con frambuesas
  • Liqueur
  • Botella de vino blanco nieva 100% verdejo
    Botella de cava marques de gélida

About the restaurant Banzai Sushi Espiritu Santo

"As it creators say, Banzai is much more than a Japanese restaurant. Located in Madrid, Banzai is dedication, passion for Japanese cuisine and above all, a walk through their interesting culture.

A place that started from an adventure and the strong intention to pamper people offering the best of Japan and its gastronomy. And thanks to its cook, an expert in fish and with extensive experience working in the kitchen, this restaurant has achieved great popularity among lovers of sushi, tataki, tempura... And don't miss out on their desserts, like the carrot cake, irresistible.

Would you like to sample authentic Japanese cuisine? Banzai is the best option. Eats in its cozy spaces and discover the flavors of this beautiful country."

Restaurant prices

Average à la carte price (starter + main course or main course + dessert)

Drink prices

  • €2.00
    Half bottle of mineral water
  • €2.75
    Glass of wine
  • €12.50
    Bottle of wine
  • €1.20

How to get to the restaurant Banzai Sushi Espiritu Santo