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Special offers and Menus

Special offers are only available by booking online with thefork.
You'll be able to select the menus in the last step of booking, if available for your criteria.
Special offers

20% off the bill

Drinks included and Specials not included. Minimums apply start + main or main + desert per person. Every day lunch and Monday to saturday, dinners.

About the restaurant Banzai Sushi Recoletos

"If you think that you've already tried everything Japanese cuisine can offer, it is because you have not been to Banzai Recoletos. Located in the heart of Madrid, between Retiro and the Plaza de Colón, the Banzai concept catches the culinary tradition of Japan boosting its double quality of being an artistic object and irresistible delicacy.
Its cuisine is reinvented and perfect day by day, deepening the fusion between East and West.

Its unique delicacies, like their Tiger tempura, the flambé niguiris or their irresistible tartares, can be catalogued as unforgettable experiences.

Let yourself be captivated by the zen detail of its avant-garde atmosphere. Its balanced design will allow you to abandon your senses to a kitchen where art and taste go hand in hand."

Restaurant prices

Average à la carte price (starter + main course or main course + dessert)

Drink prices

  • €2.50
    Bottle of mineral water
  • €2.50
    Glass of wine
  • €14.00
    Bottle of wine
  • €3.50
    Glass of champagne
  • €1.90

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