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76 reviews
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About the restaurant Corral de la Morería - Tablao Flamenco

"*Cost of the spectacle of € 47.07

In the very heart of Madrid, the perfect symbiosis of delicious cuisine and a memorable show awaits in the Corral de la Moreria. A traditional space where one can sense the aroma of other times intending to represent in its decoration the Spanish culture from its vivid colors to its well-kept old wooden tables.

Lovers of Spanish cuisine and flamenco of high level definitely know that this is a mandatory place to visit. In the historic heart an experience that you will never forget awaits you. Beef Fillet and potato cake au gratin, King prawns grilled with lobster juice and artisans duck foie gras mi-cuit on carpaccio of Jamón Ibérico de bellota, are just some of the dishes worth mentioning that are offered here.

The Corral de la Moreria is home to one of the best-kept secrets of the city and an original proposal to break out of the routine. Visit them!"

Restaurant prices

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  • €107.44 - €113.50
    Set Dinner menu - during the week
  • €107.44 - €113.50
    Set Dinner menu - in the weekend
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8,2 /10
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49/76 reviews
Adventurer (1 review) 8,5 /10
Meal date : 19 Apr 2016
Nos encanto! un poco chico y mesas muy pegadas pero el show y la comida A1
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 4 Apr 2016
Un espectáculo que jamás olvidaré. Me ha dejado impactado
Adventurer (1 review) 8,5 /10
Meal date : 25 Feb 2016
A must if you are visiting Madrid! Wonderful show and a cozy restaurant setting. I definitely recommend it if you want to attend a flaminco show and have a special night. The only thing you have to note is that you have to be there at exactly your time of reservation or they will not let you in earlier. We went 10 minutes before our reservation and they made us wait outside until the earlier show is finished.
Adventurer (1 review) 5,5 /10
Meal date : 20 Feb 2016
Very expensive. It was not clear from trip advisor that it is basically a theatre and restaurant. We were quite shocked to find starters at 28euros and having to pay almost 40 euro per person for the flaminco dancing show. There were 7 of us and it came to an incredibly expensive evening. All prices then needed tax adding.

Staff just said there was no negotiation on paying for the show, even though we were only able to book at the time it was happening. Once the show (and almost our meal) had finished, we were rushed the bill and everyone started clearing up around us. We then felt very rushed to pack up and leave so people could come in for the second sitting. Food was very nice but we just felt the whole evening was mis sold.
Adventurer (1 review) 8,5 /10
Meal date : 14 Feb 2016
I took my girlfriend there for valentine day and the whole experience was amazing. The food was great and the performers were out of this world. Definitely a must see, I understand why it's in the book of 1000 things you must do before you die. 10/10
Adventurer (1 review) 8 /10
Meal date : 13 Feb 2016
El espectaculo es impresionante.la comida es muy cara pero esta buena.
lo malo es que las mesas estabamos como piojos en costura
pero bueno
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 1 Jan 2016
Una experiencia excepcional. Mi esposa y yo lo disfrutamos mucho. La calidad de la comida y el espectáculo son de primera clase.

Debe ser una parada obligada en cualquier visita a Madrid.
Conqueror (5 reviews) 7 /10
Meal date : 1 Jan 2016
Repas correct spectacle intéressant de qualité mais prestation assez courte
Nous restons sur notre faim cote spectacle!
Adventurer (1 review) 9,5 /10
Meal date : 25 Dec 2015
excellent. it's really interesting. ..
Adventurer (1 review) 6,5 /10
Meal date : 20 Aug 2015
1) quality of steak preparation was poor. 2) we did not get the table near stage which we were promised. I was expecting longer performance.
Explorer (3 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 25 Jul 2015
Cuisine excellente... service efficace et que dire de la programmation !!!!! un grand moment
Adventurer (1 review) 6 /10
Meal date : 19 Jul 2015
O show de Flamenco é ótimo, mas a comida é muito cara pelo que é oferecido e o vinho incluído no menu também poderia ser melhor.
Explorer (2 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 2 Jul 2015
Espectacular!!! Todo DELI!!
Adventurer (1 review) 9 /10
Meal date : 3 Jun 2015
Sur la carte j'ai choisi un plat, un dessert et un verre de vin. Excellents tous les trois.
Ma fille a choisi une entrée et un plat, celui-ci ne lui a pas plu elle en a laissé la moitié, le serveur lui a demandé la raison de cet abandon, elle l'a expliqué. Ce plat n'a pas été facturé lors du règlement. Un geste commercial que nous avons apprécié.
Adventurer (1 review) 7 /10
Meal date : 18 May 2015
El Corral de la Morería ha caído muy bajo. Todo está programado con el tiempo justito. Apenas sentados empiezan a servir el menú.
La mitad de la mesa está de espaldas al tablao con lo que terminamos cuatro con tortícolis. Entre el primer y el segundo plato pasa una hora. El segundo plato a oscuras.
El espectáculo es malísimo. Entre los palmeros y el taconeo de los bailarines, el ruido es ensordecedor y no importa lo que dicen los cantaores. El taconeo es epiléptico.
Explorer (3 reviews) 9,5 /10
Meal date : 20 Apr 2015
La reserva a traves del tenedor tenia todo preparado incluido el descuento ofrecido
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 25 Mar 2015
Fue notable, que fuerza tienen esos bailores! Maravillosa la cena, increíble el descuento de eltenedor. FelicItacioNes a ambos, Corral de la Moreria y eltenedor.
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 15 Mar 2015
Пошли специально посмотреть фламенко. Представление потрясающее. Думали что кухня будет слабовата. Заказывали мясо. Я ела филе миньен, а муж каре ягненка, вкуснейшее мясо, пожалуй в своей жизни не ела ничего вкуснее. Всем настоятельно рекомендую. Обслуживание тоже прекрасное. Обляпалась едой, попросила соль посыпать на пятно. Официант принес специальный спрей побрызгал на блузку
Adventurer (1 review) 9 /10
Meal date : 15 Feb 2015
The flamenco show was mesmerizing for the entire family. It was one of the highlights of our time in Madrid! My nine year old said it was by far her favorite part of the trip! Great show and great hospitality!
Adventurer (1 review) 9,5 /10
Meal date : 14 Feb 2015
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