Obeirut Lebanese Cuisine

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About the restaurant Obeirut Lebanese Cuisine

OBEIRUT LEBANESE CUISINE PAR GAULT & MILLAU - Entre la gare de Lausanne et le parc de Mon Repos, voici la promesse d’une escapade culinaire singulière… Le restaurant libanais Obeirut Lebanese Cuisine sait allier élégance et convivialité, cadre contemporain et esprit authentique. Banquettes confortables, lumières tamisées et déco tendance mais chic, le décor est planté.

MEZZES EN FOLIE - Préparez-vous à goûter le meilleur de la gastronomie libanaise ! Mezzés froids ou chauds, grillades et pâtisseries : moutabbal, warak énab ou msakha, hoummous bel chawarma, kebbé méhlié ou lahmé méchouié, mouhallabié ou baklawas… La carte réconcilie tradition et modernité, les saveurs sont raffinées et les assiettes généreuses. De plus, tous les midis un buffet libanais à volonté est servi.

EN TERRASSE - L’établissement accueille les groupes et propose aussi un service de traiteur. Un voyage à savourer sans modération !

Restaurant prices

Average à la carte price
(average à la carte price based on a two-course meal excluding drinks)

Drink prices

  • CHF6.00
    Half bottle of mineral water
  • CHF7.00
    Glass of wine
  • CHF39.00
    En flaske vin
  • CHF16.00
    Glass of champagne
  • CHF5.00

Menu prices

  • CHF29.00 - CHF68.00
    Set Lunch menu - during the week
  • CHF29.00 - CHF68.00
    Set Lunch menu - in the weekend
  • CHF48.00 - CHF68.00
    Set Dinner menu - during the week
  • CHF48.00 - CHF68.00
    Set Dinner menu - in the weekend
Prices and menu can change. Those prices don't take into account any promotion and are VAT included.
9,0 /10
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11/628 reviews
Explorer (2 reviews) 5 /10
Meal date : 25 May 2016
As soon as we arrive, we could see the waiter was quite stressed and not very welcoming. The buffet at lunch is already very expensive and they told us they cannot offer tap water with it, so they only brought the sparkling water and nothing for the rest .. then another waiter came and explain that to us but we could order steel water right away if they explain that at the beginning!!
Apparently is "all you can eat" but they jumped on my friend to take his plate and fork right after he finished so no chance to go for a second round ;(
It was really simple buffet and dessert choice was watermelon slices and little kind of rice pudding, quite tiny, so not worth it for 99 Francs for 3 people!!
First and last time we go
Adventurer (1 review) 8 /10
Meal date : 24 May 2016
A six, on aurait dû commander une multitude de variétés pour découvrir des mets diversifiés. Le même menu ne permet pas de goûter aux nombreux plats suggérés sur la carte.
Les bouteilles sont un peu trop rapidement vidées.
Bonne qualité de cuisine.
Explorer (2 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 20 Jan 2016
Fantastic place to have quick lunch with buffet! Very nice client service and food quality.
Explorer (2 reviews) 4,5 /10
Meal date : 9 Dec 2015
Five or so years ago we had a birthday celebration here and all was good. Imagine how disappointed I was when the food reminded me of school food, very little flavour, the tabbouleh was not fresh. The restaurant was not busy but the service was terrible. We asked twice for more bread and an arak. We ordered a coffee and a mint tea. The tea never arrived, but was included in the bill. I don't eat out often, At 166 chf for two to eat this meal was poor value for money and was really disappointing. I should have listened to trip advisor!
Explorer (2 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 11 Sep 2015
Love the amazing and healty food served here. One of my favourite restaurants in Lausanne
Explorer (2 reviews) 9 /10
Meal date : 23 Jun 2015
Good was excellent! Service was quite good and friendly. The host...well, a smile wouldn't hurt him.
Adventurer (1 review) 9 /10
Meal date : 25 Apr 2015
Very good for the buffet
Explorer (2 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 30 Jan 2015
Great customer service as soon as the moment we walked in the door. Food was excellent although it was a little bit expensive. Would go again.
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 29 Nov 2014
Excellent Food, and friendly service...
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 14 Oct 2013
Love the food and the service but the price seems a tad expensive. Maybe it is just the Swiss prices?? At any rate, I highly recommend eating here!
Adventurer (1 review) 6 /10
Meal date : 22 Jun 2013
1.Bread freshly baked
2 there was no traditional coffee as a choise,
3 there were no compimentary foods, like something little but tasty that comes as a surprise in addition to what you order and it always gives pleasure.
4There was also a problem with the freshness of my desert, the cookie with nuts had a strange taste of a famous cheese Roquefort and actually when I looked at it I saw it was mildewed, the cookies were changes but I believe the same cookie in the second set had the same problem.
5 And I beleive after this kind of mistake it is nice if the restaurant takes out from the bill at least coffee and tea we were having, againe it wouldn't ruine the restaurant and would leave a nice impression for us, but we payed the TOTAL.
6 Lebanese red wine was great, it a bit covered a taste of lebanese Roquefort.
I would like to beleave that lebanese food is more tasty and lebanese service is more generous... somewhere...but not here.
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