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Ramses Suria Vista sala
Ramses Suria Vista sala
Ramses Suria Vista sala
Ramses Suria Vista mesa
Ramses Suria Detalle mesa
Ramses Suria Chef Aurelio Morales

About the restaurant Ramses Suria

"*Due to the characteristics of the premises it can only be accessed with children under 12 years for lunch (kindergarten service on Sundays). Men are not allowed to enter with shorts or bermuda.

Framed by the arches of the Puerta de Alcalá is the reputed multi-space, cosmopolitan and innovative, Ramses. This, in addition to being the flagship of the nightlife in Madrid, offers one of the most attractive gastronomic experiences in the capital in the Ramses Bistro restaurant.

Ramses offers you its most emblematic dishes of Mediterranean, spicy flavors and light in fats. As the artichokes sautéed with Joselito ham and egg at low temperature; or blue lobster and spinach chlorophyll rice.

Ramses Bistro service and the quality of the dishes would be more than reason enough to be satisfied, but together with the decoration of the halls run by Philippe Starck it makes the experience unique, exclusive, sophisticated and almost poetic."

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Drink prices

  • €3.50
    Half bottle of mineral water
  • €6.00
    Bottle of mineral water
  • €6.00
    Glass of wine
  • €20.00
    Bottle of wine
  • €12.00
    Glass of champagne
  • €3.50

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