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About the restaurant Restaurant Frenchie - Grégory Marchand

"BISTRONOMIC - in the heart of Sentier, lush gourmet to halfway between the chic Parisian bistro and the luxury wine bar... The restaurant Frenchie is an ultra-cozy decor, friendly bar-room atmosphere and Grégory Marchand at the stove for a high-level culinary moment of the 2nd arrondissement.

AUTHOR'S CUISINE - Here, the menu changes depending on the season and the market. One is treated to roguish dishes reinvented with subtlety: smoked trout with vanilla oil, suckling Iberian pig or pollock, homemade ravioli, then lemon-polenta cake with caramelized apples...

CREATIVE TAPAS - Do you feel like refined tapas among friends? Be incited by the gourmet menu, to be devoured while sipping a good glass of wine!"

Restaurant prices

Average à la carte price
(average à la carte price based on a two-course meal excluding drinks)

Drink prices

  • €4.00
    Bottle of mineral water
  • €9.00
    Glass of wine
  • €35.00
    En flaske vin
  • €12.00
    Glass of champagne
  • €4.00

Menu prices

  • €74.00 - €125.00
    Set Lunch menu - during the week
  • €74.00 - €125.00
    Set Dinner menu - during the week
Prices and menu can change. Those prices don't take into account any promotion and are VAT included.

How to get to the restaurant Restaurant Frenchie - Grégory Marchand

How to get there?

  • Public transports
    Metro Sentier (M3), Bus 20-39 stop Sentier

Opening time

Dinner: at 7 and 9:30 (Monday through Friday)


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43/82 reviews
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 21 Mar 2016
Amazing restaurant on all fronts. The tasting menu was exceptional and the service was perfect. Loved everything about Frenchie.
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 11 Mar 2016
Honestly, the best meal experience of my life. Executed to perfection.
Adventurer (1 review) 2,5 /10
Meal date : 10 Mar 2016
it took tool long!
Adventurer (1 review) 9,5 /10
Meal date : 3 Mar 2016
Terrific food and atmosphere.
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 29 Feb 2016
V great food... will come back next time my visit to paris
Explorer (2 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 18 Dec 2015
Amazing tasting menu. Great service - no rushing but also no waiting for assistance. 10/10
Explorer (2 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 30 Nov 2015
A memorable dining experience, with kind staff, a relaxed atmosphere, and delicious, fun, imaginative food.
Explorer (2 reviews) 9,5 /10
Meal date : 14 Oct 2015
Outstanding and easy to see why reservations are so hard to come by - it is well worth being flexible in securing your seat. 5 course carte blanche is amazing value. Dishes immaculate, depth of flavour and creativity incredible and the produce exceptional.
Foodie (11 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 16 Sep 2015
The food wine and service was devine. I highly recommend Frechie!
Explorer (2 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 21 Jul 2015
Once again, amazing. Everyone here does a fantastic job.
Explorer (3 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 17 Jun 2015
Fantastic meal. Great service and pacing. Tasting included the best savory and sweet plates I've had in the past year.
Foodie (11 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 10 Jun 2015
Outstanding food, amazing presentation, wonderful, friendly staff, great atmosphere, what more can I say! Possibility the best meal that I ever had. Get the 5 course tasting menu.
Explorer (3 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 1 Jun 2015
Simply the best meal I've had in Paris, after staying here a total of 13 months over the past six years. The service was perfect; the food so gorgeous that I could scarcely bear to eat it, then delicious when I did; the wine pairings were harmonious; the atmosphere was trendy but not annoying. Mostly foreigners, of course, since who else can afford this level of dining?
Adventurer (1 review) 9 /10
Meal date : 13 Apr 2015
A small and cheereful restaurant with great fresh cooked French bistro food , excellent service and cosy atmosphere. They'll clearly care about the quality of the food! We would come back... Assuming we can get a table again!
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 11 Feb 2015
This was a fantastic experience all around. We sat at the chefs counter and were able to interact with Chef Marchand and his excellent staff. They were all so nice and attentive. I have nothing but great things to say.
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 10 Feb 2015
excellent food well presented and conceived
Explorer (2 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 28 Jan 2015
Hard to book but incredibly delicious.
Adventurer (1 review) 10 /10
Meal date : 14 Jan 2015
Frenchie's is my favorite restaurant in Paris. The food is superb, the atmosphere intimate and charming and the service was fantastic!
Explorer (2 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 8 Jan 2015
Absolutely fantastic meal on our last night in Paris, and a true highlight of our trip. We had the chef's menu (5 courses plus a dessert) with wine pairing. The dishes were beautifully presented and inventive, every course was delicious. I am not one that usually enjoys or orders dessert, but I am still thinking about the INCREDIBLY DIVINE dessert (apple "terrine" with shiso ice cream and salted caramel) that we had. The only criticism is that the restaurant could have been a little more generous on the wine portions. We felt that for an extra 50 Euro each for the wine pairing, the pours should have been a little bit larger than they were.
Explorer (2 reviews) 10 /10
Meal date : 18 Nov 2014
Simply fantastic, once again.
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