Reward points are just the beginning…

1000 Yums


Today, thefork picks up the tab !

With the new thefork loyalty program, you now automatically earn points, called « Yums » (so yummy !)
for each booking.

  • 1 booking = 100 Yums
  • 1000 Yums = €10.00 loyalty reward on your next restaurant*
  • 2000 Yums = €25.00 loyalty reward*

And don’t miss thefork special operations : they enable you to gain additional bonus Yums !

How do I earn Yums ?

I choose
the restaurant
I want

I book

The big day
I enjoy my meal

I honored my
booking and
earn 100 Yums !

How do I use my Yums ?

1000 Yums


I earned 1000 Yums,
I get a €10.00
loyalty discount*


I choose
a restaurant
that accepts

I book
and I choose
to use
my 1000 Yums


Yummy !
€10.00 loyalty discount
on my bill

  1. To book a table,
    first choose a date.

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