The Best Italian Restaurants in Recife

21 restaurants match your criteria

Handmade pasta, stone-oven pizza, gooey steaming risotto, and mouth-watering tiramisu; Italian cooking comes straight from the heart and hearth. From Naples, Venice, or Florence, treat yourself to a delicious meal from our selection of the best Italian restaurants.
  • Forneria 1121No picture yet

    Forneria 1121

    Aflitos - Av. Conselheiro Rosa e Silva, 1121 52020-220 Recife 2.48km
    • Italian
    Average price R$65.00
  • Prima Deli Restaurante e PizzariaNo picture yet

    Prima Deli Restaurante e Pizzaria

    Av. Conselheiro Aguiar, 2217 51011-051 Recife 5.78km
    • Italian
    Average price R$80.00
  • Dom Ferreira ForneriaNo picture yet

    Dom Ferreira Forneria

    Av. Eng. Domingos Ferreira, 4140 I Boa Viagem 51020-030 Recife 7.71km
    • Italian
    Average price R$80.00
  • Antica Roma II Trattoria e Pizzeria RomanaNo picture yet

    Antica Roma II Trattoria e Pizzeria Romana

    Poço da Panela - Estrada Real do Poço, 177, 52061-200 Recife 4.93km
    • Italian
    Average price R$80.00
  • Via Appia - GraçasNo picture yet

    Via Appia - Graças

    Graças - R. do Futuro, 634, 52050-010 Recife 2.89km
    • Italian
    Average price R$90.00
  • Caponata Cucina ItalianaNo picture yet

    Caponata Cucina Italiana

    Santo Amaro - Av. Gov. Agamenon Magalhães, 153, Shopping Tacaruna, 50110-065 Recife 2.54km
    • Italian
    Average price R$80.00
  • FabbriqueNo picture yet


    Parnamirim - Av. Dezessete de Agosto, 1316, 52060-463 Recife 4.7km
    • Italian
    Average price R$90.00
  • RisoNo picture yet


    Av. Santos Dumont, 544 52041-060 Recife 2.87km
    • Italian
    Average price R$70.00
  • Via Appia - SetúbalNo picture yet

    Via Appia - Setúbal

    Boa Viagem - R. Visc. de Jequitinhonha, 1352, 51030-020 Recife 9.36km
    • Italian
    Average price R$80.00
  • Barchef Casa ForteNo picture yet

    Barchef Casa Forte

    Parnamirim - Av. Dezessete de Agosto, 1893, 52060-590 Recife 5.27km
    • Italian
    Average price R$80.00
  • Zuppe Cozinha ItalianaNo picture yet

    Zuppe Cozinha Italiana

    Graças - Praça do Entroncamento, 104, 52011-300 Recife 1.73km
    • Italian
    Average price R$66.00
  • La Pasta GalleriaNo picture yet

    La Pasta Galleria

    Poço da Panela - Estr. Real do Poço, 62, 52061-200 Recife 4.88km
    • Italian
    Average price R$80.00
  • Il PastifícioNo picture yet

    Il Pastifício

    Boa Viagem - R. Carlos Pereira Falcão, 184, 51021-350 Recife 7.79km
    • Italian
    Average price R$50.00
  • Nez BistrôNo picture yet

    Nez Bistrô

    Praça de Casa Forte, 314 52061-420 Recife 4.8km
    • Italian
    Average price R$140.00
  • Toscana TrattoriaNo picture yet

    Toscana Trattoria

    R. Pereira da Costa, 80 51011-190 Recife 4.19km
    • Italian
    Average price R$110.00
  • Pomodoro CaféNo picture yet

    Pomodoro Café

    R. Alfredo Fernandes, 77 52060-320 Recife 4.23km
    • Italian
    Average price R$66.00
  • BB Boteco BistrôNo picture yet

    BB Boteco Bistrô

    R. Padre Carapuceiro, 777 - Shopping Recife 51020-280 Recife 7.23km
    • Italian
  • La Pecora NeraNo picture yet

    La Pecora Nera

    Praça de Casa Forte, 505 52061-420 Recife 4.72km
    • Italian
    Average price R$100.00
  • Prouvot Pizza DOCNo picture yet

    Prouvot Pizza DOC

    Av. Conselheiro Aguiar, 510 Recife 4.13km
    • Pizzeria
    • Italian
    Average price R$60.00
  • Vittorina Pomodoro & CaféNo picture yet

    Vittorina Pomodoro & Café

    Pina - R. Cap. Rebelinho, 418, 51011-010 Recife 4.09km
    • Italian
    Average price R$40.00
  • Barchef RiomarNo picture yet

    Barchef Riomar

    Pina - Avenida República do Líbano, 251, Shopping RioMar, 51110-160 Recife 3.39km
    • Italian
    Average price R$80.00
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