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Spring roll (Spring roll with chicken filling or vegetarian spring roll)
SEK 40
Dim sum (Shrimp damling 'Ha Gau', Pork dampling 'Shao Mai' or Potsticker dumpling 'Gou Tie')
SEK 52
Beijing soup (hot & sour)
SEK 58
Shark fin soup
SEK 79
Vegetable soup
SEK 38
Deep-fried Won-ton
SEK 58
Won-ton soup
SEK 65
Shrimp toast with dip sauce
SEK 58
Prawn crackers
SEK 30

Set menu

Chinese dinners (Dinner for two or up to five people in the Chinese style with starter, main course and dessert)
Four small dishes (Breadcrumbed prawn cultlet, Sweet & sour pork, Chicken curry and Beef szechuan)
SEK 125
Fortune menu (Three small dishes, dessert and fortune cookie)
SEK 105


Steamed long flounder with ginger
SEK 180
Deep-fried pike-perch with sweet & sour sauce
SEK 165
Steamed salmon with black-bean sauce
SEK 150
Fried king prawns with ginger and leeks
SEK 145
Barbecued pork with honey sweet sauce
SEK 135
Crispy pepper-skin duckling (sweet & sour or szechuan sauce)
SEK 165
Mapo´s tofu (bean curd with pork and chiliseasoning, hot)
SEK 125

Main Course

Noodle soup with shrimps, chicken and pork
SEK 120
Fried rice "Yang-chow style" (shrimps, ham and barbecued pork)
SEK 95
Fried mixed vegetables with cashew
SEK 99
Deep-fried chicken (sweet & sour sauce)
SEK 105
Duck with bamboo shoots and mushrooms
SEK 155
Beef with oyster sauce
SEK 115
Fillet of pork chop suey
SEK 110
Squid with paprika in black-bean sauce
SEK 110


Lychee with ice cream
SEK 49
Ice cream with chocolate sauce
SEK 40
Deep-fried banana with ice cream and syrup
SEK 40
Deep-fried ice cream with mango- and strawberry sauce
SEK 58


Bottle of champagne
SEK 700
Glass of champagne
SEK 85
SEK 25
Bottle of wine
SEK 220
Glass of wine
SEK 59
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