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Vegetarian Puff pastry

Puff pastry filled with a ratatouille of fresh local vegetables, smoked mozzarella on a potato puree


Raw fish dish maded with tuna, yellowtail, mazzancolle prawns, squid and a carpaccio of cod


Bufalo cheese, goat, sheep blue cheese and Provolone del monaco dop

La zuppettina

Hot chickpeas with local small octopus

The salmon

Fresh salmon, marinated with local citrus fruit flavor, burrata cheese and pink pepper corns

The cod

Salt cod mantecato with polenta and broccoli

Octopus my way

Grilled octopus, on yellow pepperpuree and balsamic vinegar sauce

The scallops

Seared scallops, on black rice with vegetable ratatouille and crumbled tarallo

The wrong caprese

Local mozzarella cheese, with confit cherry tomatoes, and artichockes on olive oil and vinegar

The beef tartare

Three different beef tartare

Cold cuts

Mix of Italian Cold cuts. Ham from Norcia, Salame, Capicollo, and pancetta

Pasta and rice

Gli gnocchi della tradizione

local home made gnocchi with tomato , mozzarella and parmigiano

Paccheri with lobster

paccheri pasta with half astice lobster, on cherry tomato sauce

The rabbit ragù

Fettuccine pasta with rabbit meat ragout sauce

The tuna genovese

Elica pasta with genovese sauce (onions, carrots and parsley) and fresh tuna fish

Fish ravioli

Home made ravioli, filledwith red snapper fish and potatoes, with pumpkin and dry tomato sauce

La mafaldina

Mafaldina pasta with dry tomatoes and eggplants on fresh burrata cheese

Lo spaghetto

Olive oil and garlic spaghetti on fresh tomato puree with yellowtail tartare

Il fusilletto

Fusilletto pasta with beans sauce, cherry tomatoes and small squids

Clams and pistachio

Linguine pasta with pistachio pesto sauce, fresh clams flavored with local lemon


Rice with fresh sea food

Main courses

The salmon

fresh salmon seared on olive oil on warm vegetables

Beef fillet

beef fillet seared with local blue goat cheese

Pork belly

braised pork belly, wit caramelized onions on potato puree

Sliced beef

sliced beef with rucola pesto, tomato confit and grains of hazelnut and pistachio

Grilled fish

Lobster, king prawns, squids, tuna, o pepper puree

Fried fish

fried calamari, prawns, anchovies, salt cod

Fresh fish of the day

Sea bass, sea bream, etc

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