1. Peter G.
    Peter G.
    • 32 reviews

    We ate in two. Both antipasti (carciofo alla Romana; insalata ruccola pomodorini) were actually good+. Not exceptional, but plain good. That's ok because the price was commensurate. Main dishes: the filetto aceto balsamico was even quite nice+; the tagliata con funghi porcini, instead, dissapointed (mushrooms were mushy and off-taste, and the meat was just ok). The red housewine was a simple wine (at a decent price) but should have had room temperature from the very beginning because it improved over time. (too cold red wine is, unfortunately, a fairly frequent problem in "not-posh" places in Italy ... Also true, some simple red wines are drinkable ONLY cold ...;-). Contorni (potato chips, broccoletti ripassati) were definitely nice/good. A basket of bread was served without ordering, but - surprise, surprise - NOT charged. A very pleasant surprise, because the bread was very fresh and good. Complimenti! Coffee good+. All in all, decent food at a decent price. Doesn't have to be always very trendy ...

  2. Veronica R.
    Veronica R.
    • 7 reviews

    Ambiente familiare ,buona la cucina . Per una serata tranquilla ne vale la pena