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Iberian ham with toasted bread with olive oil and paprika
Select asturian cheese platter
Homemade croquettes: iberian ham or Asturian cheese or prawns with truffles
Truffled fried eggs with duck ham on baked
Provoletta (grilled provolone with caramelised peppers)


Spinach salad with toasted goat cheese and mustard and honey vinaigrette
Basque green pepper tempura with cordoban “salmorejo”
Artichokes with Iberian bacon belly and poached quail egg
Salad of smoked fish, orange and mozzarella with caper mayonnaise
Russian potato salad millefeuille with fruits of the sea

From the Cantabrian Sea

Fried calamari with almonds crushed and ali-oli papaya
Braised octopus with “ajo blanco” (white garlic) and pistachio sauce
Dill marinated salmon tartar with guacamole
Grilled prowns over a wild asparagus "salmorejo"
Crunchy crepes stuffed with squid in their ink with wasabi aioli
Tuna tataki on almond butter with Modena vinegar pearls
Four smoked sardine fillets with tomato tartar over fried corn
Monkfish an shrimp lollipop with avocado and coriander sauce (price by unit)
Six superior quality Santoña anchovies with toasted bread with paprika and oil
Basque cod omelette with peppers

From the mountains…

Galicean rib eye entrecote (500 gr.) with Padrón peppers
T-bone cow steak (1000 gr.) (2 persons)
Dry-aged superior hamburger with fried caramelised vegetables and smoked cheese
Roasted ribs with barbacue sauce
Beef steak breaded “cachopo” stuffed with iberian ham and asturian cheese cream with truffle
Beef steak breaded “cachopo” stuffed with asturian cheese and “cecina de León” with mushroom sauce

And for the sweet toothed…

Sweet rolled wafers filled with tiramisu
Chocolate coulant accompanied by mandarin ice-cream
Homemade apple tart supported by vanilla ice-cream
Mini platter of asturian cheeses
“Goxua” traditional creamy basque dessert
Caramelised french toast brioche joined by pistachio ice-cream


Bottle of champagne
Glass of champagne
Bottle of water
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine
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