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Black, Turin
Black, Turin
Black, Turin

INSIDER Traditional

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Via Matteo Pescatore, 10, 10124 TurinSee map

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Excellent1139 reviews











What diners said about this restaurant:

Good value for money
Short waiting time
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  • Tony G.
    Tony G.

    March 3, 20235 reviews


    Excellent dinner. Friendly staff. Fair pricing especially if using The Fork discount.

  • Madalina B.
    Madalina B.

    February 14, 202315 reviews


    The food is simply delicious. Really top piemontese dishes! Many compliments to the chef. Even the bread and focaccia were way above average. Great service as well! Nice atmosphere overall, the only thing is I felt like those LED lights are not the most suitable to the place. It is missing some dimmed lights.


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  • Massimo S.
    Massimo S.

    February 11, 2023318 reviews


    Sempre tutto buono!!Bravi!!

  • Antonio Ć.
    Antonio Ć.

    February 11, 20232 reviews


    The chef and waiter was really kind. He told us a few 'words' about our food and drink. The restoraunt has local food of region. Food has a great taste and melts in mouth. I would recommend this place to anyone.


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  • Daniele G.
    Daniele G.

    January 28, 202371 reviews


    Buon ristorante

  • Rossana s.
    Rossana s.

    January 5, 2023100 reviews


    Piatti originali ben cucinati.

  • Giulio D.
    Giulio D.

    January 4, 202394 reviews


    Semplicemente devastante ???? Servizio Top e pietanze davvero ottime!! Bravo Chef!!

  • Michele L.
    Michele L.

    December 29, 20222 reviews


    A great find. This was by far our best meal in Turin this time. Food was excellent, I loved the take on vitello tonnato and i would heartily recommend the pulled pork 'cake'. Great wine list and it is good to see a separate beer list for those who prefer it to wine. Well done team Black.


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  • Katia D.
    Katia D.

    December 17, 202214 reviews


    Personale accogliente e cucina ricercata. Da provare!

  • Alexander C.
    Alexander C.

    December 4, 202256 reviews


    Ottimo, assolutamente da provare

  • Federica B.
    Federica B.

    December 2, 202230 reviews


    Cibo veramente ottimo, materie prime di qualità e cucinate in modo sopraffino! Servizio cortese e attento . Lo consiglio e ci torneremo sicuramente


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  • Gian Carlo D.
    Gian Carlo D.

    November 18, 202236 reviews


    Cocktail bar/gastrop

  • John R.
    John R.

    October 11, 20228 reviews


    The menu offers some excellent dishes, with some interesting ingredients or combinations that make it stand out from “standard” restaurant dining. We started with their really excellent (and beautifully presented) antipasto assortment featuring five superb tastes. It features an Insalata Russa that has so much less mayonnaise than the typical stuff you get that it lets you really taste the flavors; a battuta of raw meat that is perfectly salted; a salsiccia di Bra coated with a very finely chopped hazlenut to add the taste without making the dish too crunchy; a Vitello Tonnato made with the traditional ingredients which tasted great; and some delicious filled peppers. Small servings of each but they combine for a great opener. My “Acquarello” risotto featured a cream of friggitielli (a pepper used in southern Italian cooking) plus a swirl of Burrata and then topped with both raw and grilled pieces of salsiccia di Bra had the perfect consistency of creamy texture and rich tastes. It had been finished with a sprinkle of pepper adding just the right bite. My wife’s Gnocchi had both Violet-colored gnocchi as well as traditionally colored ones, along with some branzino fish and cima di rapa (turnip top) for a bit of bitterness. She enjoyed it, and said it was very mild tasting. For our dessert we had their Gin & Tonic, a beautifully crafted semifreddo that is drizzled with some strawberry sauce and then topped with pieces of clear gelatin made with tonic water that give it an intriguing bitter contrast and then the waiter sprays it with gin from a misting sprayer. Great taste and what a presentation. The presentations are elegant, from the plates themselves and the cutlery rests for fork and knife. Service is excellent and so attentive. The server makes sure to describe each dish as it’s served which refreshes your mind on what to expect as you start tasting what you ordered — this is a very nice touch. Unfortunately on the night we came, the head bartender was not here so their signature cocktails (with some unusual combinations and offerings) weren’t available. We asked about them and they said those are the bartender’s own creations and not something another bartender can go ahead and mix. But they do make cocktails to order and I had a Bloody Mary and my wife had a Negroni mixed with Mezcal. On my first sip my drink missed some of the spiciness I hoped for, so I asked for it to be added and the server had it done and back to me in a flash (and asked me soon after if it was now spicy enough). My wife’s Negroni was excellent though it could have been served with less ice and more drink (Negronis are often served with no ice, having been chilled during the making). It was a bit of a surprise that the drinks cost more than the signature cocktails listed on the menu, since our drinks were made since those weren’t available. (Not a ton more money, just a couple of euros more apiece.) The place looks sleek and modern, but the sound level creates a bit of a problem. The walls reflect sound very much and the alcove in which we were dining had three tables so at times conversations and noises got amplified. The music also plays a little loud for our tastes and the sound of a young baby crying in the main room also gets amplified. Maybe some sound-absorbing wall treatments could mitigate the noise levels a bit and make it a bit more comfortable. But overall a very enjoyable meal and experience. The head bartender is apparently off on Mondays and Tuesdays so when we come back to try those special drinks we will plan for a different night.


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  • Andreea I.
    Andreea I.

    October 7, 20228 reviews


    Ottimo cibo e servizio attento! Consiglio!

  • Antonio D.
    Antonio D.

    September 23, 20221 review


    Ragazzi assaggiate l'uovo cotto a 62 gradi...fantastico.....cucina molto particolare...da riprovare sicuramente....

  • John R.
    John R.

    August 31, 20228 reviews


    Last night my wife and I tried out a restaurant called Black that had opened up not far from our home. When we first saw it we noticed a chic looking bar with some interesting lighting that gave the place an upscale look. And a glance at the menu posted outside showed not simply some interesting food offerings but also humorously creative names of several of the plates (i.e. “Pensava di essere un salmone” meaning ’he thought of being a salmon’). We decided to sit indoors (the outdoor dehors is on a small side street and the idea of passing cars while dining was less appealing), and we were greeted warmly by two quite-friendly staffers. When we mentioned we might be doing cocktails rather than wine, they said the bartender wasn’t there tonight and would return the next day. But they went on to say if we wanted a particular drink they could prepare something to our taste. I mentioned that my wife’s favorite gin is Gin del Professore alla Madama — and to my surprise our server said they had it in stock! But he also said he could bring a couple of additional gins to our table for Luisa to sniff the aroma and see if she might prefer another. He brought three bottles, including the Madama and took off the caps so Luisa could get a sense of the aroma of each. One was Plymouth which he said was very similar to the Madama. The other was Tovess (a gin I’d never heard of). After comparing the aromas Luisa tried the Tovess as a change of pace and it was served with a bottle of Fever Tree Indian tonic. She enjoyed it but said it would not replace the Madama with Kinley tonic as “hers.” For my drink I asked if they had Mezcal and was told yes, so I asked for a Negroni with Mezcal in place of the gin. I also wanted something more than a run-of-the-mill vermouth and he showed me a bottle of Ricetta Coloniale by Delmistero. He mixed the drink and it was subtle and flavorful (I might’ve preferred a smokier Mezcal as the one he used got lost a bit with the other tastes). While we were deciding on our appetizer the server brought out a pair of small openers for our dining pleasure, a thin wafer of bread toasted and covered with some Burrata and a wasabi butter if I understood correctly. Very nice to the taste and texture and this amuse-bouche boded well for the meal. Since my wife and I usually don’t eat very large meals for dinner, she and I decided to split an appetizer. As much fun as name of the Trotta Salmonata dish sounded and as tempting as the Battuta of Fassone con Burrata (raw local beef with an amazing soft cheese) was to me, the dish that caught our attention was Uovo 62 and we asked. The server said it’s an egg cooked to 62° Celsius (144° Fahrenheit) so it’s a cross between Uovo in Camicia (a poached egg) and one that would come out more hard-boiled. The egg is served in a cream of peas along with small cubes of Toma cheese and some strands of herbs. We split that one and it comes to the table making a lovely presentation. The textures were rich and soft and the tastes were subtle. It was a lovely start. For our main courses, my eyes went to their offering of pulled pork (not something you see in many restaurants here in Torino) along with fries, homemade ketchup and a wasabi mayonnaise. The pork is cooked for 14 hours which boded well based on the smoking of pulled pork I recall having when we lived in Pennsylvania. My wife was in the mood to try the fish and chips. The dishes both came well plated, and were certainly the chef’s interpretation of these dishes from outside of Italy. The fish and chips were not a large flat cut of cod breaded and fried as one might find in England but was a thicker piece of cod, very well prepared and not coated nor fried. The potatoes were croquettes rather than fries or chips. Though it wasn’t the traditional British presentation my wife was very happy with how the cod was prepared. My pulled pork was quite good but somewhat drier than I recall getting in the US. Perhaps I was accustomed to having it served with a coating of barbecue sauce. I had tried the homemade ketchup with the fries and it was very flavorful (many spices more than a Heinz ketchup would bring) so I also added some to the pork which made it less dry and more enjoyable. The wasabi mayonnaise was less spicy-hot than I had hoped but perhaps they err on the safer side of people’s palates. After finishing off our dishes we took a look at the dessert menu. A few of the dishes were slight twists on standard Italian desserts but one was clearly out of the ordinary: called the Gin & Tonic of all things! It’s a cream-flavor semifreddo that looks like an architectural rectangular block, with almond cookies crumbled like sand, a gelatin of tonic water (!), some shavings of lime rind and a strawberry sauce. What the menu doesn’t mention is the surprise touch that completes the dish: the server brings an elegant atomizer filled with gin and sprays it over the dessert!!! That’s both a show and an invitation to really enjoy. Our server said we could eat it right away though the semifreddo would still be hard, or we could wait a bit and have it once the block had started to soften. We each tried a bite at the start and it was too hard to feel luscious yet so we chatted a bit and admired the concept, and then dug in again. Once the semifreddo was that little bit softer the elements of the dessert blended splendidly. Perhaps the most interesting element was in how pleasantly bitter the tonic gelatin became. A terrific contrast to the sweetness of the cream. It’s worth coming to Black even just for this dessert!!! All in all we had a good time, though we did come to regret a bit sitting inside. The sound system was playing classic British and American rock (much of the time it was The Rolling Stones) but the volume was quite loud, perhaps so it could also be heard at the outside tables. The interior has a lot of sound-reflective surfaces in the walls and tables so the sound inside seems extra amplified. At first we thought it amusing that we were hearing music in English while sitting in Italy but after being there a long while it got grating and overwhelmed our comfort. We also thought the place had looked a bit more elegant indoors as we had passed, thanks to the nicely done bar but the wall color and simple tables didn’t convey the elegance we’d expected. And ironically as we finished up and complimented them on the chef and on their service I looked at the dehors outside and it’s a nicer one than many, with glass or hard-plastic panels separating the diners from the street and passing vehicles, with some elegant lights at each of the tables, and less obtrusive volume of music. We would definitely come back, and knowing what we know we’d sit outdoors next time. Definitely worth it for an evening of unusual and well-prepared menu options, served with style!

  • Martino C.
    Martino C.

    August 3, 2022277 reviews



  • Rino B.
    Rino B.

    July 29, 2022206 reviews


    Ottimo cibo,ottimo servizio, grazie

  • Mirko P.
    Mirko P.

    July 29, 20229 reviews


    Positive: Nice Restaurant in the center of Turin, Dishes well presented and served. Negative: - To be improved: Quality of meat, not so tasty. - Too expensive without the Fork Discount.

  • Miha B.
    Miha B.

    July 28, 202246 reviews


    A totally delightful gastro bar with amazing list of drinks and food offerings of extreme quality. Modern twists of Piemonte classics. Loved how the Chef made sure to explain every dish in person and how kind the waiter was. Certainly a place on our list to revisit!

  • Monica B.
    Monica B.

    July 26, 202224 reviews


    Ottima scoperta!

  • Jocelyn B.
    Jocelyn B.

    July 22, 20223 reviews


    Absolutely loved Black. The server was welcoming immediately & patient with our lack of Italian : the chef was present & friendly. We all enjoyed our dishes- and we really loved the gin drinks ! All around an excellent experience


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  • Michele P.
    Michele P.

    July 3, 202280 reviews


    Ottima scoperta, torneremo sicuramente.

  • Luca t.
    Luca t.

    June 21, 20227 reviews


    Ottimo cibo e servizio davvero impeccabile, da ritornarci sicuramente. Assolutamente promosso!

  • Luís M.
    Luís M.

    June 15, 2022149 reviews


    Excellent restaurant in Turin. The best I can say is that you can take the risk of choosing any dish that there is only one risk: to have an amazing experience. The chef is a master. Another thing that please me a lot is that they have very interesting portuguese wines.

  • Ketty C.
    Ketty C.

    June 2, 20226 reviews


    Ottimo. Ottima atmosfera.

  • Debora D.
    Debora D.

    June 1, 20223 reviews


    Buona accoglienza, ottimo cibo, personale attento e cortese. Eravamo in due e abbiamo preso l'antipasto un primo e un secondo di ottima qualità. Ci tornerò!!

  • Paolo O.
    Paolo O.

    May 28, 202215 reviews


    Ottima cucina

  • Tiziana A.
    Tiziana A.

    May 27, 2022164 reviews


    Bravi Bravi Bravi..e buoni!;)

  • Alberto c.
    Alberto c.

    May 24, 20221 review



  • Susanna S.
    Susanna S.

    May 10, 20229 reviews


    Buon cibo e buona location accompagnato da gentilezza e interesse

  • Alessandra g.
    Alessandra g.

    May 6, 20222 reviews


    Ottimo cibo preparato con cura

  • Valentina C.
    Valentina C.

    January 29, 202217 reviews


    Ottimo cibo e ottima accoglienza... Assolutamente consigliato!

  • Renata M.

    December 31, 20211 review


    Amazing food and super welcoming staff! Me and my friend didn’t speak a word of Italian but we were truly welcomed and every effort was made to explain to us the menu and to make us feel like home. My favourite restaurant in Turin.

  • Stephanny H.

    December 25, 20212 reviews


    Food was mediocre- the first time in Italy where I had overcooked pasta and really chewy octopus. Would not recommend.

    Black (Owner)

    Buongiorno, il tagliolino non può essere al dente in quanto pasta fresca all'uovo ed il polipo che comunque non è tornato in cucina non può essere gommoso quando viene cotto 7 ore a 72 gradi sottovuoto. Poi i gusti personali chiaramente non sono da mettere in discussione e ci scusiamo comunque di non essere stati all'altezza delle aspettative.

  • Andrea A.
    Andrea A.

    December 18, 202150 reviews


    Cucina e servizio al top. Voto con lode...lo consiglio assolutamente.

  • Matteo G.
    Matteo G.

    December 11, 202113 reviews


    Ottima cucina e servizio veramente attento. Torneremo

  • Roberto U.
    Roberto U.

    November 10, 202183 reviews



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