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  1. Oskar A.
    Oskar A.
    • one review

    It was my first time at BRET even though I have been in the neighborhood many times. The music was creating really nice atmosphere. Not only the guests had a good time but also the staff seemed to enjoy their time at work. I could write and write but I just wanted to say that waitresses were really sweet!

  2. Thomas S.
    Thomas S.
    • one review

    Very nice on Friday eve, Very nice on Friday eve, Very nice on Friday eve, Very nice on Friday eve, Very nice on Friday eve, Very nice on Friday Very nice on Friday Very nice on Friday eve

  3. Marieke P.
    Marieke P.
    • one review

    Toilet was really really really dirty! Smelled of urine, everything was sticky, toilet bowls were dirty, absolutely horrible!! Honestly would never go there again just because of that

  4. Samuel v.
    Samuel v.
    • one review

    Staff was really friendly and good However the speed of refills and checking if you wanted another drink was a bit slow. I had the feeling they where understaffed. If you asked id like to order again all staff was super friendly and fast however you really had to fight for there attention.

  5. Jon M.
    Jon M.
    • one review

    Been a few times. Have always had great service. Really friendly servers. Epic burgers and snacks. Good selection of craft beers. Worth a visit.

  6. Bianca B.
    Bianca B.
    • one review

    This little restaurant was a great find! The staff were superwelcoming and the service was superb. I really liked the small details, like how the dishes were presented and the atmosphere. We'll definitely go again!

  7. James C.
    James C.
    • one review

    Staff were amazing and me and my friends had a great meal there, food was exceptional - one of the best burgers I've tasted, the beer and ale selections are really good and tasted phonomonal, cheers!!

  8. Suzanne V.
    Suzanne V.
    • one review

    Really nice and urban place, with many plants, very nice staff despite the long day they had. Lovely delicious food and they had vegan options so highly recommend it.

  9. A l.
    A l.
    • one review

    great nachos, excellent terrace. enough said but stupid minimum character limit on submitting a review so have to keep going. seems this website wants a novel for a review to make it relevant.

  10. Kali S.
    Kali S.
    • 7 reviews

    We experienced horrible treatment from the manager. the bar was empty and we were not allowed to sit down keeping the safety distance because "we were occupying the space that other clients could occupy". On the other hand, the Spanish waitress was super friendly and even being alone made our lunch worthwhile. we know the norms in holland perfectly since we live here, the only thing we wanted was to spend a day among friends without putting anyone at risk or breaking the norms. We received a totally racist treatment from the manager, who apparently only wanted to make us feel uncomfortable and get us out of there.

  11. Emily v.
    Emily v.
    • one review

    Nice staff nice atmosphere nice people everyone is super chill. Outside is nice but inside too it has more than 1 floor so also upstairs also a nice place to for example do a private party

  12. Jesus S.
    Jesus S.
    • one review

    Love it. My favourite bar in Amsterdam. Really like the place, the environment and also the staff. Perfect spot for having a beer with snacks!!!

  13. Melody M.
    Melody M.
    • one review

    Good as usual ! Thanks guys, felt good being back ???? But 120 characters minimum is quite a lot. So I just end up my review with pointless words to get to those 120! Cheers

  14. Chris S.
    Chris S.
    • one review

    Although we booked & had confirmation, when we arrived it was hardly open & then it turned out that the kitchen was shut !! Not a good experience on New Year’s Eve when it is hard to find somewhere open .

  15. Rob B.
    Rob B.
    • 2 reviews

    Ibformeel, goed eten

  16. Dirk R.
    Dirk R.
    • 2 reviews

    Very good burgers and great beer.

  17. Carly B.
    Carly B.
    • 20 reviews

    I work in the Sloterdijk area and we come to BRET with colleagues often. The service can be a little rough when it's very busy (which it typically is at the end of the week), but the atmosphere is good and the food is generally good to great (especially love the new pulled boar sandwich).

  18. Frances s.
    Frances s.
    • 4 reviews

    Wonderful restaurant, very attentive friendly staff and the ribs were AMAZING. My only regret is that the sides that came with them weren't a little more substantial so there's something to go with all that meat.

  19. - -.
    - -.
    • 4 reviews

    Cosy place, good service. My partner has allergy for several things. We were well informed about all the ingredients. Patient staff.