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Todos los miércoles de invierno

'Escudella i carn d'olla'

El cocido catalán


Cod fritters
Anchovies from Costa Brava and tomato bread
Escalivada au gratin with goat cheese (roast vegetables)
Capipota warm salad (Catalan stew made with parts of head and trotters of cow)
Chickpeaks with spinach and black sausage
Spinach Catalan style (with raisins and pine nuts)
Grilled green asparagus with cured ham
Stewed broad beans Catalan style (with blood sausage)
Home-made cannelloni
Macarrones gratinados
Soup of the day
Mussels, Steamed or in Marinière Sauce
Squid rings in batter
Acorn-fed Iberian ham with tomato bread
Shrimps in garlic sauce
Ca L’Estevet snails. Salt, pepper and thyme
Mixed salad
Empedrat (cod and haricotbeans salat)
Avocado with shrimps

Main course

Paella Parellada (without any shbone or shell)
Cod a la llauna (fried and baked)
Fricandeau of veal with wild mushrooms
“Català” Duck with orange
Grilled beef Entrecôte or with Café de París sauce (2€)
Grilled beef tenderloin or with Café de París sauce (2€)
Oxtail stew
Botifarra with sautéed white kidney beans (Catalan pork sausage)
House tripe
Grilled tuna
Angler fish à la marinière
Grilled small squids with garlic and parsley
Sautéed baby squid and shrimp
Meatballs with cuttle fish
Baked shoulder of kid (baby lam)
Brains in batter
Cap i pota with samfaina


Tocinillo de cielo
Crema catalana

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