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Sittningstiden är 2,5 Timmar per bokning. (Om du behöver mer tid, tala med vår personal)

Seating time is 2.5 Hours per booking. (If you need more time talk to our staff)


Mandel Potatoe Terrine
SEK 69

w/ creamy yellow chilli, peruvian black oliove sauce and quail egg

Krispy Yucas
SEK 89

Traditional crisoy cassava roots w/ creamy peruvian sauce

Peruvian Chicken WIngs
SEK 89

Marinated in a Peruvian oriental sauce

Causa Mash
SEK 139

Seasoned Mandel Potatis terrine w/ yellow chilli and a touch of lime, topped with fresh tuna tartar or octopus w/ Peruvian olive sauce

Salmon Tiradito
SEK 149

salmon in slices w/ fresh avocado leche de tigre & sweet potatoe puree with lucuma

Ceviches - middle dish

Lima Style
SEK 169

Fresh Seabass marinated in lime, red onions, Peruvian aromatic Limo chilli, koriander, "Leche de Tigre", garnished with sweet potatoe and Peruvian corn

SEK 185

Fresh salmon marinated in a yellow chilli "Leche de Tigre, red onions, koriander, garnished with swet potatoe and Peruvian corn

SEK 189

Fresh tuna marinated in a "Leche de Tigre" with Japanese or Nikkei ingredients, koriander, Peruvian aromatic limo chilli & garnished with avocado

SEK 179

Seabass, gambas, octopus, mussels & fried calamari, marinated in lime and "Leche de Tigre", red onions, koriander. Garnished w/ sweet potatoe and Peruvian corn.

SEK 159

Portobello mushrooms and zucchini marinated in a veggie "Leche de Tigre". Avocado & Peruvian yellow and crispy corn

Main Courses

Fish & Seafood Tempura
SEK 219

Crisoy seabass filets, gambas & calamari, on a base of mandel potatis terrine and salad, and a fresh & spicy (light) creamy ceviche dressing.

Steamy Chilli FIsh
SEK 199

Regional white fish filet stewed with a base of creamy yello chilli, fresh tomatoes, onions, spring onions and topped with koriander. Garlic rice on the side

Grilled Pulpo
SEK 209

Octopus tentacles, sliced, on the grill and marinated in a distinct Peruvian panka chilli sauce, on a bed of butternut pure with quinoa

Peruvian Seafood Pasta
SEK 189

Spaguettis with gambas, calamari, octopus, mussels, crispy onions, tomatoes, yellow chilli & koriander (optional) done in the wok with a savoury Peruvian sauce

Jumpin Lomo
SEK 229

Tender and juicy Oxfile chunks flambe with tomatoes, crispy onions, potatoe sticks, yellow chilli and koriander. Garlic rice on the side

Grilled Portobellos
SEK 169

Grilled portobello mushrooms and zuchinnni in a distinct Peruvian panka chilli w/ a base of coconut milk, on a bed of butternut purre mixed with quinoa

Dish of the Week

Peruvian Meat Stew
SEK 139

Hearty biff stewed in a peruvian panka base, served with a fresh onion salad, potatoes and garlic rice


Mango Suspiro
SEK 75

Dulce de leche mixed with fresh mango puree topped with merengue

Sponge Cake
SEK 95

Moist cake soaked in a dulce de leche dauce with cinammon and vanilla flavour. Topped with merengue


SEK 30
Bottle of wine
SEK 319
Glass of wine
SEK 85

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