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  1. Teresa c.
    Teresa c.
    • one review


  2. Jacopo O.
    Jacopo O.
    • 31 reviews

    We ate and we didn't drink wine, but quality of food was very poor. Food arrived from supermarket, often without cooking

  3. Joana D.
    Joana D.
    • 3 reviews

    Um lugar muito simpatico e delicioso!

  4. Jan K.
    Jan K.
    • 8 reviews

    Nothing to write home about. Empty restaurant for a reason. Friendly staff, but food is terrible.

    Copo e Meio

    deppis de ter gostado e mete um comentário destes, realmente quando se está habituado a salsichas e hambúrgueres é assim. Mas obrigado na mesma.

  5. Gabriel R.
    Gabriel R.
    • 94 reviews

    The food was neither good, or bad: average. Pay attention to the bill, the discounted has been forgotten, and once it has been put it was the wrong one... We could not say anything because the bill was kept by the waiter. Ok food and disorganised people, the client could have spent a better dinner somewhere else.

  6. Daniel P.
    Daniel P.
    • 49 reviews

    Watch the bill carefully. Unlike all the other reservations we did (I use the fork a lot), this particular one does not show a detailed description of the discount applied on the bill only the items with the new price. We were told that the discount was applied. I have a very good memory, thus noticed a few errors. But what bothers me was although we had a discount for the main dishes, it was not applied for the deserts (this is not specified on the conditions - only drinks and menus are not included) and I also noticed that prices on the bill were higher than on the menu. In particular the wine was 3euro higher on the bill than on the menu (which was already very expensive to make up for the discount). Plus a final error on the bill added 1eur to the total. This kind of behavior killed the experience for me. Not going back.

  7. Abder G.
    Abder G.
    • 6 reviews

    The food was really good, and so was the wine. The waiter was very nice, but was alone for the whole restaurant, making the waiting time too long, especially at the end of the meal.

  8. Mário Jorge F.
    Mário Jorge F.
    • one review

    Amazing place, great food, polite owner and staff. A bit too slow on preparing the meal, but nothing a few appetizers and good company won't solve

  9. Gazni B.
    Gazni B.
    • 13 reviews

    Cosy place but poor menu and the waiters not able to explain and present the menu. A place for a simple drink a bread with chees, not for a proper dinner.

  10. Paulo S.
    Paulo S.
    • 40 reviews

    Food is good. I had the alheira balls, the sardines and chicken pica-pau. The pica-pau was too salty. The rest was very good. The young man serving is... too young. He needs to step up his game and really learn fast. He's too shy and not very quick and attentive. Ha made a mistake that I consider unforgivable. He brought the wine bottle already opened from the an area that we could not see. You do not bring open bottles to the table That is something that makes people never to came back. Fortunately the wine at stake is very distinct and I had no doubts that it was what it was supposed to be in the bottle. I told the young man that that is a big NO NO. Maybe he learned.

  11. Pedro C.
    Pedro C.
    • 8 reviews

    A repetir. Bolinhas de alheira sardinha cherry e fondue dos pobres.

  12. Brenda R.
    Brenda R.
    • 37 reviews

    We'll be back

  13. Jakob b.
    Jakob b.
    • 9 reviews

    Best tapas I had in Lisboa so far.

  14. Alexandra R.
    Alexandra R.
    • one review

    Ambiente simpático e atendimento excelente.

  15. Rich R.
    Rich R.
    • 9 reviews

    All OK, fondue de los pobres is very delicious. Widely recommended.

  16. Sabine S.
    Sabine S.
    • one review

    Me and my friends were super satisfied with the food, the atmosphere and the service!

  17. Sara L.
    Sara L.
    • 7 reviews

    Very simple place with simple food and simple decoration. Food was good, nothing special, you get what you pay for. We were 3 persons ordered petiscos and a bottle of wine, payed €36. Good service!!

  18. Rui S.
    Rui S.
    • 33 reviews

    Good dish and atmosphere tipical/old style, the main problem is the smoke extraction is poor and you get out with your clothes smell like burn fat meet :(

  19. Neuza F.
    Neuza F.
    • 6 reviews

    Muito bom!

  20. Carolina S.
    Carolina S.
    • 5 reviews

    O meu novo restaurante preferido.

  21. Joana  B.
    Joana B.
    • 7 reviews

    Good place with a lovely decoration, great service and wonderful food!

  22. Marta M.
    Marta M.
    • 6 reviews

    Aconselho vivamente!!!

  23. Ruben S.
    Ruben S.
    • 21 reviews

    Host was a bit timid at first but later more enthusiastic, very helpful and hospitable. Loved the Portuguese dishes and wine!

  24. Pedro T.
    Pedro T.
    • 22 reviews

    Excellent very. There was a party going on, so there was some noise in the room

  25. Ana S.
    Ana S.
    • 42 reviews

    Ambiente agradável e intimista. Pratos bastante apetitosos.