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  1. Cristina P.
    Cristina P.
    • 8 reviews

    Incredible place!! I simply love the venue and decoration as well as its great service. The waiter was very polite and nice, very professional. The wine was really good but food was definitely the best. We ordered a crock pot of melted cheese, pasta carbonara and risotto. One of the best meals I have ever tried. Price according to food quality and service recieved ❤ 10/10

  2. Adriano C.
    Adriano C.
    • 30 reviews

    Good food, friendly staff and nice ambiance

  3. Kaiszia C.
    Kaiszia C.
    • 5 reviews

    Really lovely people & lovely food! highly recommended !

  4. Alessandro R.
    Alessandro R.
    • 33 reviews

    Fettuccine ai porcini gustosissime

  5. Pasquale M.
    Pasquale M.
    • 3 reviews

    Carbonara pazzesca

  6. Laura f.
    Laura f.
    • 105 reviews

    A tester !

    • 15 reviews

    Da non ripetersi

  8. Kristin K.
    Kristin K.
    • one review

    Almost everybody (6 persons totally) ordered a dish, but it was sold out. The waitress gave us the dessert menu, but it took too long before she asked us if we wanted to order som dessert. She was more busy with cleaning an covering the tables for the next day.

  9. Mario c.
    Mario c.
    • 26 reviews

    come sempre.ECCELLENTE!

  10. Raffaella B.
    Raffaella B.
    • 86 reviews

    Ottimi primi

  11. Paul W.
    Paul W.
    • 2 reviews

    Great restaurant , very welcoming host , he gave us loads of advice on the dishes , bought us a selection of starters which were fantastic. The mains were full of flavour , would recommend this fantastic restaurant

  12. Enrico Q.
    Enrico Q.
    • 250 reviews

    Costoso, turistico.

  13. Malin A.
    Malin A.
    • 43 reviews

    Too salty Carbonara. Too dry lamb. Plastic flowers and absolutely no their people. Choose another restaurant. There are plenty...

  14. Enrico Q.
    Enrico Q.
    • 250 reviews

    Serata normale.

  15. Saverio c.
    Saverio c.
    • 25 reviews

    carbonara fenomenale! coda alla vaccinara ottima,vino pinot altrettanto.Bravi,10 e lode

  16. Paolo D.
    Paolo D.
    • one review

    Carbonara eccellente.

  17. Julien M.
    Julien M.
    • one review

    Very good food, very nice staff and friendly atmosphere. I recommend this restaurant.

  18. Eros S.
    Eros S.
    • 14 reviews

    Bel posto si mangia bene ma un po’ caro

  19. Jason L.
    Jason L.
    • one review

    Wonderful evening! My son said ‘best pasta of my life!’ I have to agree. Everyone was welcoming and the food (and wine) was amazing. Grazie mille!!

  20. Sara B.
    Sara B.
    • 21 reviews


  21. Pablo H.
    Pablo H.
    • one review

    Pasta carbonara riquísima. Ambiente romano.

  22. Carrie R.
    Carrie R.
    • one review

    We so wanted this to be a most memorable meal in Italy. We went on NYE with a reservation so it was a pre_determined meal and price. But for 110 Euros per person we expected it would be as good, if not better, than being there at another time. First, when we arrived at 7P, there was much consternation they didn’t have our reservation because even though we booked online there was some pre-pay email step we never got....keeping in mind it was 7P and no one was even there yet....they took our dough and found us a table for 2. The table was tucked in the back and not great but it was fine for the first 30 mins or so when we just had bread and wine. While the app allowed a 7P reservation it seemed 730 or 8P was more typical.... what we were not expecting was literally 10 pre-teen/teen boys to dine from about 745 to 9P in our 3-table nook...seemingly children of some staff....they weren’t bad but they were decidedly pre-teens...wrestling over soda bottles and fire crackers, etc. Our waiter was wonderfully kind as was the cook who came several times to attend to the boys despite having no children....we enjoyed speaking to him very much. The first few courses were fabulous and we felt well on our way to one of our finest meals on our trip to Rome....even with the crazy boy table nearby... But despite a few wonderful courses, things took a terrible turn. Both our pasta (mini gnocchi with langostine and pomegranate) and our beef (sent back for replacement — overcooked...) and veg (neither hot nor cold) returned.... It was a HUGE disappointment. The replacement beef was much improved though the veg and sauce remained undefined (should it be hot, cold or otherwise....) and they clearly microwaved it when we said it seemed cold, to include the mayonsised-based sauce....yucky.... It’s hard to reject something as an American tourist, so I appreciated that the Geneva guests who arrived later and landed at the 3rd table in our little room had the same problems. Later when the preparer came thru he promised some refund...but none was forthcoming. Perhaps our extra wine should be appreciated as the discount no one else received.... In any event, I’d love to say, go when you can choose from their whole Italian menu it is sure to be great ...but at the same time, they promised a new year’s eve event and fell far, far short... We were so sad about our new year’s eve in Rome. :(

  23. Michael  S.
    Michael S.
    • 2 reviews

    All noodles have been much too salty. The roman lamb has been some bones with some fat around them. This main dish was a joke. Service and Ambiente have been good.

  24. Jesus R.
    Jesus R.
    • 32 reviews

    Mala relación calidad precio. Todos los platos aceitosos y muy mal presentados se veían hechos sin ningún cariño. Hice la reserva en El Tenedor y cuando llegué al restaurante solo me querían dar mesa en la terraza de la calle, después de mucho discutir logré una mesa en el comedor interior. Con los buenos restaurantes que hay en Roma no recomiendo este a nadie.

  25. Juhani K.
    Juhani K.
    • 15 reviews

    Meals did not meet expectations from earlier ratings.

  26. Ronald A.
    Ronald A.
    • one review

    Great restaurant, nice ambience and great food plus the service is friendly

  27. Irene H.
    Irene H.
    • 3 reviews

    We choose this restaurant because we expected top class; entering the restaurant, the waiter was busy writing something down and we kept on waiting. When he came to show us our table, he didn't took our coats. The bread was good and one of the antipasti was great: the tuna was well prepared, but the bass carpaccio was too sour and fish bones were still in it; the main dish seemed to be special, but there was far too much basil sauce over the salmon. For this kind of service and food, it was too expensive.