Reviews - Curry Nam Nam Helsingborg

  1. Aldo O.
    Aldo O.
    • one review

    God mat. Personalen var engagerad i att ge en bra service. Dämpa lite belysningen kan ge en annan atmosfär i matsalen.

  2. Thomas R.
    Thomas R.
    • one review

    The curry food was great but presentation lackluster with a slice of tomato and a few salad leaves on the side. The waitress could not get the order right and could not calculate the discount offered by The Fork properly. I very much doubt a would come back.

  3. Ingunn F.
    Ingunn F.
    • one review

    Very good experience!

  4. J. N.
    J. N.
    • 18 reviews

    God mat

  5. Knut Arne S.
    Knut Arne S.
    • one review

    Great indian dinner, to be recommended:-)

  6. Isak H.
    Isak H.
    • 9 reviews

    Did not have my reservation, no proper welcome and the food was ok really. Do not recommend it

  7. Shelagh H.
    Shelagh H.
    • one review

    The food here was delicious and I felt it was authentic. Highly recommended. The odd thing is that downstairs was empty so looking from outside would put you off, thinking that there were no customers. We were taken upstairs where we were relieved to see other diners! The waiter was very charming and helped us all he could.