à la carte


Baguette - fresh from the oven with aioli
Olives - selection of green and black olives
Cubes of cheese - young and mature cheese with mustard and garnish
Smelt fish - deepfried with lemon mayonnaise
Nachos - With guacamole, salsa, creme fraiche and grated cheese
Meatballs - 6 pieces in tomato sauce
Bitterballen - 8 pieces typical Dutch deep fried beef ragout meatballs
Bittergarnituur - 15 pieces combination of Dutch fried snacks
Antipasti - 2 pers. combination of Italian meats, cheese and olives


Bruchetta - with cherry tomatoes and rucola lettuce
Toast smoked eel - Dutch smoked eel on toast with creme fraich
Salmon carpaccio - smoked salmon, pine nuts,parmesan cheese rucola lettuce, cherry tomatoes and capers
Carpaccio - beef with pesto, parmesan cheese pine nuts and rucola lettuce
Vitella tonato - thinly sliced veal with tuna mayonaise, capers and rucola lettuce


Soup of the day
Tomato soup - with beef and meatballs
Pumpkin soup
Dutch green pea soup - with smoked sausage, bacon and rye bread


Goatscheese salad - with walnuts and honey
Fishsalade - with smoked eel, tuna and smoked salmon
Ceasar salad - with grilled chicken, bacon, egg, parmesan cheese and croutons
Steak salad - with soya sauce, pine nuts and ratatouille

Meat dishes

Chicken schnitzel - crispy baked home breaded chicken schnitzel
Dutch steak - 200gr with mushroom or pepper sauce
Beef tenderloin - 200gr with mushroom or pepper sauce
Pork tenderloin - 200gr with mushroom or pepper sauce
Entrecote -200gr from the grill with mushroom or pepper sauce
Ribeye - 200gr from the grill with mushroom or pepper sauce
Spareribs - Veal with BBQ sauce
Mixed grill - spareribs, chicken filet, beef tenderloin and entrecote

Fish dishes

Salmon - from the grill
Gamba's a la brassa - grilled king prawns marinated in a spicy sauce
Mussels - cooked in white wine


Penne funghi - fresh mushrooms, porcini and cream sauce
Tagliatelle salmon - fresh salmon and tomato sauce
Spagetti chicken pesto - chicken, pesto, pine nuts cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese
Lasagne - home made bolognaise
Parmigiane - eggplant with parmesan cheese from the oven


Coupe dame blanche - vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Creme brulee - homemade creme brulee
Hoemade pie - selection of choices
Coffee and apple pie - home made apple pie
Chees platter - 4 different cheeses, apple syrup, walnuts and toast


Bottle of champagne
Bottle of water
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine
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