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  1. Stefano E.
    Stefano E.
    • 19 reviews

    Buona cucina

  2. Raffaele D.
    Raffaele D.
    • 8 reviews

    Nobody on welcoming beside the reception at the entrance. Waiting time was too long, and first dish Pasta alla amatriciana with yellow pachino was'nt really good, it was too sweet (I warned the waiter, who was trying to explain me why this occurred. Easy to solve with a little bit more pecorino). Second course and cakes ok.

  3. Jonathan H.
    Jonathan H.
    • 7 reviews

    Waiters very professional ! Very good dishes ! Nothing to add ♡

  4. Melanie M.
    Melanie M.
    • one review

    My favorite restaurant in Rome! The service, view, food, and wine are amazing. I very highly recommend this restaurant. I went at 7 when it opened and sat outside for an amazing view of the sunset.

  5. JMi P.
    JMi P.
    • 2 reviews

    Mixed feelings about this restaurant. The food, view, and main wait staff are excellent. However, halfway through our meal, we saw the restaurant manager accidentally spill 1/3 of the gifted bottle of Brunello that we brought with us. After he picked the bottle up, he continued to serve and chat with other guests, and then he picked up our bottle and tried serving it to us like nothing happened. When we confronted him about actually seeing him spill our bottle, he ended up making up several stories starting with “no I didn’t” finally ending with “I didn’t know it was yours.” To compensate he simply waived our corkage fee. If you accidentally spill some of our wine, that’s one thing that is forgivable. But lying to us and trying to cover up your actions with lies is another thing all together. We will not return to this disrespectful restaurant.