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  1. Efe I.
    Efe I.
    • one review

    Food with plenty of flavour very much enjoyed my experience here. Came for breakfast and stayed to have lunch. Highly recommend!

  2. Kai E.
    Kai E.
    • 2 reviews

    The food and service are exceptional. We totally enjoyed the atmosphere and the great food. We even visited it more often because we couldn't find something comparable. I can absolutely recommend it!

  3. Luis F.
    Luis F.
    • 3 reviews

    A friendly service. I can really recommend the place for breakfast/brunch. It provides a lot of options. The price is fair. I am sure that I will come back.

  4. Vasco A.
    Vasco A.
    • 9 reviews

    Muito Bom!

  5. Winston T.
    Winston T.
    • 3 reviews

    Great breakfast place with friendly service.

  6. Anouck G.
    Anouck G.
    • 6 reviews

    Amazing breakfast, very good price, definitely recommend! Going back tomorrow

  7. Rajat K.
    Rajat K.
    • 18 reviews

    Saw this unexpectedly while looking for breakfast. We had the brunch special for 18€. Wow!!! Every dish was delicious and beautifully plated. We regret not finding it earlier. Bravo!

  8. Nick S.
    Nick S.
    • 17 reviews

    Great dishes and service.

  9. Hugo h.
    Hugo h.
    • 31 reviews

    May be the best brunch place in Porto!

  10. Goon k.
    Goon k.
    • 16 reviews


  11. Sytske B.
    Sytske B.
    • 33 reviews

    The restaurant offers amazingly tasty and nicely presented food, although the menu is extremely confusing. The quality of the food and the portion size is good. The drinks we had (orange juice and homemade lemonades) where quite flat in taste and the price-amount ratio was disappointing (small glass of orange juice for €3, more expensive and smaller in size then we had in Portugal so far). The overall vibe in the restaurant is nice, very "Scandinavian". But also the prices are almost Scandinavian (the prices were more expensive then in the Netherlands at least). While ordering 3 options on the menu where not available anymore, which wasn't clear at the beginning. Also there was some confusion about the discount provided by the Fork. So this was a little disappointing. Food-wise great! Drinks, menu display and service can improve.

  12. Carol A.
    Carol A.
    • 30 reviews

    delicioso robalo

  13. MARIA A.
    MARIA A.
    • 2 reviews

    Paceful oasis in Oporto to have a delicious brunch, meal or a cafe while reading desing magazines. Perfect atmosphere, very quiet place, the food is amazing, the staff super nice. We found this magic and secret cozy bar to disconnect and find time for yourself (if you don't have time or you are in a rush is not your place).