1. Marin L.
    Marin L.
    • 45 reviews

    Ordered from Eetcafe Kim. It is not real Indian food. Not even close. Clearly there is not a single Indian person working in the kitchen. The biryani was ok but missed all the spices and flavors of a real biryani. In fact, it almost tasted like it had jarred tomatoes/sauce in it. The chicken tandoori dish we choose was completely bland, not the least bit of spice (hint: chilis are spicy, paprika is not) and the meat dry as the desert. Samosa's bland, tasting of absolutely nothing. Onion bahji had way too much coating and was soggy inside. The rice, just weird is all I can say. The naan, was the only kind of good thing but, not enough to make the meal enjoyable. All this being said, the service was quite fine. However, it's stated that if you order over x amount, you get something free. We ordered over 30 euro, which should have been a bottle of wine (according to over 25 euro). We didn't receive anything at all.