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  1. Troi S.
    Troi S.
    • 6 reviews

    Good couscous options. The new owner, did not accept the 50% discount but offered a 30% discount instead. On the fact that the restaurant owner, I was also not warned that they didn’t accept credit cards, despite the fact that credit card acceptance is indicated at the entrance..

  2. Henry K.
    Henry K.
    • one review

    My friend and me received terrible service twice: 1) Promised discount not applied. Prior to ordering anything I reminded the staff of my theFork discount. I was told that no discount will be given but that instead a “commercial gesture” would be applied when it was time to pay. I happily accepted. However, when the bill came there was no discount and no “commercial gesture”. 2) No card payment accepted. When we wanted to pay we were informed only cash is accepted. I live in Geneva and this is my first time that a restaurant doesn’t accept a card. As for the quality of food, our food was OK, though a bit too oily and the spices were not all authentic. More importantly, our dishes were overpriced at CHF 30, the correct price would have been around CHF 22. Considering the menu overpricing, the discounts and “commercial gestures” promised but not given, and the extraordinary refusal of a debit or a credit card this restaurant does not deserve even a single star.

  3. Lairot J.
    Lairot J.
    • 5 reviews

    Found this restaurant in the fork which offered 50% discount whereas other places were extremely expensive. Note however that the dishes -lamb bryani- I ordered still cost 32 swiss franc and without the discount, I will certainly not pay this kinda price!!!!... Restaurants in Geneva could be pricey in fact. Anyway, the dishes I ordered wasn't so good in taste, it was just ok but nothing special. Service was ok and fast: note that there were only 2 other guesses in the whole restaurant. I will certainly not go back in that restaurant.