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Entrata - Essenziale, Florence
Vista sala - Essenziale, Florence
Vista sala - Essenziale, Florence

INSIDERMediterranean Trendy

Reviews - Essenziale

Piazza di Cestello, 3R, 50124 FlorenceSee map

Average price €65

MICHELIN Special €65


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Excellent551 reviews











What diners said about this restaurant:

Good value for money
Very short waiting time
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  • Gabrielle Bocchese da C.
    Gabrielle Bocchese da C.

    February 9, 2023161 reviews


    Minha melhor experiência na Itália nos últimos anos. Almoço simples e sofisticado . Tempero, texturas, apresentação excelentes . Ambiente sofisticado, casual chic

  • Dominga P.
    Dominga P.

    February 5, 20232 reviews


    Seconda volta che andiamo al Essenziale! La prima volta a cena; la seconda volta a pranzo! Una guduriosa scoperta e allo stesso tempo una certezza!

  • Roberto P.
    Roberto P.

    October 26, 20224 reviews


    The lunch service we had was fantastic. Our host had impeccable timing and was very welcoming. Worth a stop, and we will be visiting again. Broccoli starter was a highlight.

  • Richard L.
    Richard L.

    October 13, 20223 reviews


    The food was outstanding but they would not honour the Fork deal that we made with our booking. We had the deal in writing and showed them what we booked. The general manager was involved, but the deal we booked on The Fork was still not honoured. We were told it was an “old” offer even though it was offered within the Fork app for the date we booked.

  • Connie C.
    Connie C.

    October 12, 20221 review


    We are glad we experienced this unique restaurant. The small staff was engaged in telling the story of the menu and how the dishes were prepared. Our first impression of the menu was unease but we stayed to try these new ideas. Each of the dishes were very tasty, quality flavors and textures, nice plating and amount. The house wine was a good companion to the meal. The use of the silverware drawer was fun. We left feeling glad we had the experienced of this bold chef. A bit too overly clever for what was offered but on the right track for the future of sustainable dining and we would return.

  • Kyusang Y.
    Kyusang Y.

    October 8, 202210 reviews


    I visited this restaurant in 2019. I kept the good experience of my first visit and made my second visit, but I was generally disappointed. Compared to the first visit, the tasting menu was simplified, and the food was relatively simple.

  • Tony M.
    Tony M.

    October 1, 20221 review


    The food itself was great. We loved the creativity. That said, our kind feedback is that the service needed to be faster and the lights needed to be dimmer. There was also no background music. We think some sort of ambient music with dinner lights would have improved our rating.

  • Cathy E.
    Cathy E.

    September 28, 20221 review


    We were disappointed with Essenziale. The food experiments didn't work for our group, even though we were excited to try a non-traditional approach to Florentine cooking. We also did not enjoy the ambience - the very bright lights pointed at the tables were bothersome and felt interrogation-like, would strongly suggest revisiting the room to create a warm or inviting atmosphere.

  • Patrick P.
    Patrick P.

    September 10, 20221 review


    They need to figure out what they’re doing. Food is OK and normally not hot, and also lacks flavor. Ambiance is terrible and confused.

  • Aaron M.
    Aaron M.

    September 4, 20225 reviews


    Amazing attention to detail and creative, unique flavors. Service was attentive and prompt. Everything was excellent.

  • Lianne B.
    Lianne B.

    August 30, 20221 review


    It’s was ok. The food was ok, the service was ok the decor was ok - everything was fine but I wouldn’t rush back.

  • Defne t.
    Defne t.

    August 27, 20222 reviews


    The ingredients were fresh but they were in the wrong dishes. The chef wanted to create unusual plates but the flavour combinations didn’t work. You can also tell by the ambience what goes on in the kitchen - a bit of everything….

  • Belyn L.
    Belyn L.

    August 23, 20221 review


    Delicious and refreshing!

  • Jordan C.
    Jordan C.

    August 16, 20221 review


    Incredible experience

  • Alexandra R.
    Alexandra R.

    August 16, 202217 reviews


    Care and extensive preparation went into the creation of each dish. The service was impeccable and the atmosphere was comfortable. However, with the exception of the risotto, the combination of ingredients needs to be reconsidered. The cod and the pork were too salty; the sauce on the pasta was enriched beyond endurance; the pear and the shallots were left to fend for themselves, neither blending nor enhancing each other.

  • Charmaine B.
    Charmaine B.

    August 12, 20221 review


    Everything was amazing! The team shares their love of food with delicious and creative dishes. The chef is truly talented at mixing unexpected flavor combinations to make the most amazing dishes. The staff and service was perfect as well. They were extra accommodating for my husband’s long list of food allergies. I also appreciated their vegetarian menu. A must go in Florence!


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  • Jonathan K.
    Jonathan K.

    August 7, 20223 reviews


    Great food. Very good service Good value

  • Charlie M.
    Charlie M.

    August 6, 20221 review


    We were quite disappointed with the food at Essenziale. The dishes weren’t memorable, didn’t show skill, and didn’t make use of the fantastic Tuscan produce. The main course of deep fried Guinea fowl with passion fruit and peanut butter was almost inedible; garnished with raw endive, it showed a lack of care, and was far from what you would expect from the main course of a €60 menu. We kept expecting the next dish to redeem the last, but the dessert was the icing on the cake. Bread soaked in red wine with a thick crust of sugar, and a flavourless burrata with sickly white chocolate and a minuscule amount of peach, we could barely manage a mouthful of each, and if the chef did the same he might see the error of his ways. The wine was lovely, and admittedly, we did enjoy the inclusion of ‘Le Cactus’ from The Last Shadow Puppets in the restaurant’s playlist.

  • Gerardo T.
    Gerardo T.

    August 2, 20225 reviews


    Everything was so right!! Food delicius and they take care of us with the Michellin tasting menu, Excelent wine list also! Thank you very much!!!

  • Matthew D.
    Matthew D.

    July 26, 20221 review


    Something truly different and delicious in the heart of Florence. Warm, friendly and knowledgeable service accompanied with all the pride in the local ingredients from chefs in the region. If you’re looking for something delicious and incredibly good value in a comfortable setting, look no further. Look forward to returning to enjoy this constantly evolving menu. Excellent and reasonably priced local wines also. Superb.

  • Christopher C.
    Christopher C.

    July 23, 20221 review


    The service was impeccable and the chefs were very accommodating to my mothers food restrictions. The food was amazing and the cocktails were well made. The restaurant was quaint and cosy. Short walk from Ponte Vecchio. I'd dine there again!


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  • Hester J.
    Hester J.

    July 19, 20227 reviews


    We were really looking forward to end our troont Florence in Essenziale. The food was ok. But the whole experience was ruined by the terrible heat inside the nice building and the not happy service. The joy was not expressed serving the dishes. It’s a pity for a restraints with that potential.

  • Jean w.
    Jean w.

    July 8, 20221 review


    My daughter and I loved the ambience. The food was fun and experimental, presented artfully. The decor was very stimulating and simultaneously relaxing, and the acoustics and music were just right. Our waiter was very knowledgeable and overall great. It was a nice change to dine here from traditional rustic Italian fare and decor. Hip and youthful! We had a great time!

  • Lisa B.
    Lisa B.

    July 8, 20221 review


    The staff was amazing and friendly. The food was good but I was expecting great. When we read the descriptions for the meals we thought "hmm strange but cool!". The flavors in each dish were amazing separately however competed with each other too much when you put them together.

  • Frederic T.
    Frederic T.

    July 8, 20221 review


    The restaurant was nicely decorated and service was very good. The menu I had that day was a little disappointing. Some of the courses lacked some originality (especially my pear ''raclette'' dessert). For what it is, it was overpriced.

  • Francois L.
    Francois L.

    July 5, 20221 review


    Fantastic inventive food with plenty of surprises on and within the table ! (Your utensils are in trays within the table) Creative combinations that do work great on the palate like the white chocolate with burrata desert. Beautiful decor with simplicity, warmth and humor. Excellent value and a reasonably priced wine list. A very enjoyable experience !!

  • Zubin F.
    Zubin F.

    July 3, 20221 review


    Absolutely incredible food, atmosphere and service! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and the food was some of the best I’ve ever had. Thank you!!

  • Kathi D.
    Kathi D.

    July 2, 20221 review


    The food was very good as was the service but there was no air conditioning so it was very uncomfortable.

  • Robert D.
    Robert D.

    July 2, 20222 reviews


    Excellent vibe, service was top notch. Degustation menu was really exciting with interesting ingredient pairings. Overall, very happy with our dining experience.


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  • David R.
    David R.

    July 1, 20221 review


    Definitely a must try. The tasting menu was great and had great spins on classic food.


    See photo

  • Okan E.
    Okan E.

    June 28, 20221 review


    It was too hot, needs better air conditioning. Food was good. Service was fast. We will not come back. Nothing too special. Just fine in my opinion

  • George M.
    George M.

    June 19, 20222 reviews


    Disappointed from the food. Too expensive for nothing. Heavy food with heavy cheese, heavy creams etc. My plate with pork was just the fat part or meat and a little filet. Tastes are awful.


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  • Kenneth H.
    Kenneth H.

    June 4, 20223 reviews


    Very nicely presented and tasty food.

  • Christine T.
    Christine T.

    May 31, 20221 review


    Creative flavours and dishes. Takes your taste buds for a ride. Enjoyed every dish!

  • Jessie H.
    Jessie H.

    May 29, 20222 reviews


    Friendly service and excellent food!

  • Heather L.
    Heather L.

    May 29, 20221 review


    Incredibly inventive tasting menu and wonderful service.

  • Andrew C.
    Andrew C.

    May 21, 20221 review


    I’m flabbergasted by the number of positive reviews. I went with a party of four and we all agreed this was truly one of the worst meals of our lives. Every dish was too rich and lacked any textural variety. The service was serviceable. I felt bad for the staff who had to clear multiple courses that had barely been touched.

  • Elizabeth L.
    Elizabeth L.

    May 4, 20221 review


    Lovely food. Great service. Modern vibe.

  • Petya I.

    April 22, 20221 review


    The restaurant , the people working there and the food they offered to us were amazing . Fine meals served in an unusual way make us happy and relaxed=

  • Emma A.

    April 13, 20221 review


    This is by far the best restaurant we have eaten at on a holiday that took us to Bologna, Venice and Florence. Faithful to the classics with innovation applied sympathetically but very well. Can thoroughly recommend the walk out of the centre. A very picturesque walk at that.

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