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  1. Angeliki N.
    Angeliki N.
    • 9 reviews

    Very cozy atmosphere in a hidden little gem at les Balmes. Amazing flavors and dishes. Try the scrimp salad (served with a scoop of ice cream from scrimp oil) and the tuna teriyaki! You may also find Italian products to buy. Service was also very friendly.

  2. Scarle Madaly G.
    Scarle Madaly G.
    • 14 reviews

    Todo muy rico!!!!

  3. Steen C.
    Steen C.
    • 2 reviews

    Great little cosy Italian restaurant with very innovative menu executed in a perfect way and super friendly and professional service. Will be back as soon as i am back in BCN.

  4. Jamina C.
    Jamina C.
    • 6 reviews

    Very friendly, nice design, cosy and great food for great value. We will not only be back often but recommend you as well. Muchas Gracias Chicos! X

  5. Laia J.
    Laia J.
    • 9 reviews

    Great atmosphere, really good service. Nice food. The quality/price ratio was excellent with the 50% discount.

  6. Tugce E.
    Tugce E.
    • 31 reviews

    Everything was very tasty. We ordered 2 main dishes and a starter to share and water and coke. The price was 31€ with 50% discount. Even though the food was rally nice quality I think without the offer I would find it expensive. Our waiter was very polite and the the service was quite fast. I would definitely repeat it again with a similar offer

  7. Josep G.
    Josep G.
    • 21 reviews

    One more example of the ‘international food’ overpriced with no personality restaurants trend in Barcelona. Average pasta dishes at a 17-20€. Nice looking but no taste fish dishes 15-20€. Very poor wine selection. OK price with the 50% discount. Without discount not worth it at all.


    Sr Josep encantados de saludarle, tratamos de dar la mejor calidad y el mejor trato y servicio , somos un restaurante pequeño con una carta de vinos de unos 10 variedades distintas en cuanto a los precios estamos dentro de mercado sobretodo si tenenmos en cuenta dos cosas una que la pasta llega de italia (hay una gran diferencia de calidad) y otra que está comiendo usted pescado fresco que nos traen a diario no como en otros muchos lugares, además el precio que usted comenta de 15-20 eur por pescado es más que razonable , más teniendo en cuenta que con el super descuento del 50% está comiendo pescado fresco por 7,5€ - 10€ ... siempre trataremos de mejor en lo que nos sea psoible por lo que su opinion también cuenta obviamente Atentamente F.I.S.H.

  8. Marc R.
    Marc R.
    • 45 reviews

    Some problems with the service, they need to make an extra effort to hold a higher standard and try to compensate for the mistakes. The food quality is good but nothing spectacular given the price.

  9. Toni c.
    Toni c.
    • 13 reviews

    Thanks! Very nice dinner. The food was really nice and good quality. The waiter was so handsome and gentle. Really appreciate the fresh fish, tuna and salmon.


    Thank you so much Toni I hope see us another again :) FISH

  10. Camilo R.
    Camilo R.
    • 18 reviews

    The service and the food was great. A small place with a chill atmosphere. The tuna tatami was my favourite. As the desserts were both good, the tiramisu was very nice! Thumbs up for this place.


    Thank you so much Camilo See you soon F.I.S.H.

  11. Enrique L.
    Enrique L.
    • 41 reviews

    Servicio y carta excedente. A descubrir


    Muchisimas gracias Enrique estamos contentos que hayas conido bien para nosotros es nuestra mejor recompensa. Os esperamos muy pronto ????