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480 Hay Street, 6000 Perth (WA)See map

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What diners said about this restaurant:

Fair value for money
Short waiting time
Moderate noise level

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  • Eileen L.
    Eileen L.

    September 24, 20221 review


    Beautiful ambience, but the echoing was annoying. For the price, the service is very mediocre. Food tasted alright nothing fantastic. Didn’t like where we were seated, right by the entrance.

  • Virginia S.
    Virginia S.

    September 17, 20221 review


    Beautiful good, super fast friendly service, and a tastefully presented venue

  • Stephanie M.
    Stephanie M.

    September 17, 202213 reviews


    What a stylish venue! Food was sensational and wine list notable.

  • Ronnie C.
    Ronnie C.

    September 17, 20221 review


    Steak was tough to the point of being difficult to cut also very bland lacking any seasoning Lamb shoulder was overcooked quite dry and lacked any flavour We only ate half of each meal left hungry and disappointed.

  • Jane C.
    Jane C.

    September 16, 20221 review


    Garum is set in such a beautiful old building however the restaurant was very chaotic, service was terrible, understandable the staff crisis is a problem however maybe do not take as many bookings on a Friday night. Food was good but was very adhoc in its delivery

  • Anthkny P.
    Anthkny P.

    September 16, 20222 reviews


    This was the first time back at Garum post Covid and we had a wonderful time. From the glass of champagne to the Abrolhos scallops, warm olives and our delicious mains we really enjoyed ourselves. The service was perhaps a bit rusty or missing a staff but it was earnest and positive. Will be back and looking forward to it.

  • Alison K.
    Alison K.

    September 13, 20221 review


    Went for our 25 year wedding anniversary. In the booking mentioned this as it's a special occasion. We were seated at the till/computer so pretty crappy start. Ordered a few starters, then after 30 minutes asked for our free bread, which waitress mentioned, to be told it was coming 5 minutes later, half a slice each. Had to ask for another drink as waitress never checked in, even though we were sitting right there Waited a further hour for our mains. My pasta was cold, no warmth at all. Husband's beef cheeks were cool and gravy had a skin on it. Waitress cleared our plates and only asked my husband how his meal was. We don't go out all the time, save for special occasions, and we were really really disappointed as been told rave reviews. Just a real downer on a really special night..

  • Angela E.
    Angela E.

    September 10, 20221 review


    Everything tasted really great, just really wish the portions were a lot bigger, I got the duck ravioli which tasted AMAZING!! But I only got like 6 ravioli which just isn't enough or worth the $28, would 100% come again if the portion sizes were increased.

  • Tanya M.
    Tanya M.

    September 1, 20221 review


    Food was beautiful. Service needs a bit of work. Iced red wine was a fail. Had to ask for water n wine refills. Couldn't sit outside after meal as chairs were locked up. Enjoyed but not to what I expected.

  • Lisa T.
    Lisa T.

    August 13, 20228 reviews


    The dishes were good especially the fish and duck gnocchi. But the portions were small and the prices are high for what you're getting. I wasn't too impressed with the iceberg lettuce that cost $10. Each leaf cost $2...

  • Lauren M.
    Lauren M.

    August 12, 20223 reviews


    Duck tortellini and bread was nice. Staff were friendly. Service was slow due to busy staff

  • Tony P.
    Tony P.

    June 22, 202212 reviews


    Waited for nearly 1.5 hours for our mains and never got them. Ended up walking out. Very disappointed.

  • Angelo B.
    Angelo B.

    May 14, 20223 reviews


    Excellent food

  • Rodney S.

    April 30, 20221 review


    We were greeted with a smile and seated quickly and cocktails ordered. The negroni was suitably dry and the amaretto sour. Very tasty. Starters was zucchini flours and kingfish crevice. Very nice way to start. The crevice was real melt in the mouth stuff. We went to the main so did not have a pasta dish, but the ones around us looked pretty good. Our main was an Italian sausage to share. Nice set of flavours with pine nuts. Can see why the ancient romans liked this. The staff arranged for a birthday candle on my wifes dessert. Which was a wonderfully lemony lemon tart. I expected a dessert with berries in it. The blueberries were still frozen on the side. The pastry was very light though and the vanilla gelato was delightful.

  • Helen M.
    Helen M.

    April 23, 202210 reviews


    We enjoyed everything about our experience at Garum, delicious food starting with house made bread, shared entrees and desserts. The portion sizes were spot on and tge service excellent.

  • Lynn T.

    March 4, 20223 reviews


    Good first experience at Garum for a group of 4. Loved the ambience and spaciousness of the place. Food was overall good, portion size sufficient enough to share round the table. Entrees (kingfish, scallops, zucchini flower and charred broccoli) were excellent - great marrying of both flavour and texture. No faults here. Clam tagliolini was tasty, though a little bit too dry for us - we felt that the dish would have done better with more olive oil to coat the pasta. We liked the pork ragu tonnarelli better as it had just enough sauce for the amount of pasta, which was done Al dente. And the amount of mince was decent, so all of us had a mouthful of flavour. The steak came with shades of pink. Unsure which cut of beef was used, as the meat was quite firm considering it was medium rare. We felt it could have done with a bit more seasoning, and the peperonata served with the steak was an acquired taste. The roast pork belly was done well, meat still moist and crackling crispy. The accompanying mint sauce was very different, as we are all more used to having this kind of sauce with heavier meat flavours like lamb. The radicchio still had quite a bitter taste and the texture seemed like it was blanched in hot water first and then grilled. Even though the combo of mint and raddichio was not our cup of tea, we found the pork itself tasty. Tiramisu and semifreddo for dessert completed our experience, both were very good. The service was a little slow, but understandable considering the current situation. Staff were personable and polite. We will return again.

  • Ella K.
    Ella K.

    March 3, 20229 reviews


    Delicious pasta and food overall. Service was quick despite being a larger group. Only fault is that some of the aperitivo food specials are half price because the quantity is smaller - a bit misleading. No refills on the water throughout our meal either. A great experience nonetheless and highly recommend!

  • Linda M.

    December 9, 20211 review


    What a great restaurant. Food was amazing, made up for the 1st night waitress we had, pretty perfect though. Would definately recommend for a special night out.

  • Stewart C.

    November 26, 20217 reviews


    We go to Garum several times a year. It's been a while since our last visit and they have changed the menu for the worse. The pork terrine is close to tasteless, the new version of the polpo is less good than its predecessor, and the mezzelune pasta was distinctly over-salted. We like the ambience. The music is less terrible than in most restaurants, and is at least not deafening. The service has always been patchy. This is a restaurant where they won't leave your wine at the table (perhaps because the two-person tables are too small to accommodate even a bottle let alone one in a cooler) with the reliable result that one is regularly left sitting beside an empty glass for long periods while waitstaff come and go and take no notice — while if one takes the bottle into one's own hands one suddenly encounters a previously invisible waiter who speaks in tones of (mild) reproof when they should be tones of apology. We found our pepper grinder to be empty — shouldn't this be routinely checked before the dinner service begins? Our own waiter was helpful, friendly, and overworked. We left a cash tip, hoping it went only to him.

  • Neda M.

    October 23, 20211 review


    Starter and desert were amazing Service and environment were beautiful My main course was a little bit salty Fir sure I will recommend this restaurant to my friend

  • Mrs M.

    October 8, 20211 review


    The service was shocking! The waiters were so uninterested and lack so much knowledge about the menu, the wine list was average, portions for pasta were so small they only good pasta was the goat Ragú, overall, service really bad, food average, venue great but it definitely doesn’t have any atmosphere or greatness

  • Rebecca L.

    October 6, 20211 review


    A very disappointing dining experience at what was once a favourite restaurant. Customer service by the wait staff was poor at best, where our table (celebrating a special birthday) literally had to get someone’s attention every time we wanted to order a drink, were not asked why a whole dish of (a very bland) pasta was not eaten until all other meals were finished, then offered to order another meal. When told a guest couldn’t order a menu item due to an allergy, no replacement menu was offered to make another choice. We were then told the uneaten pasta dish had been taken off the receipt when it clearly hadn’t been, then inexplicably told by the confused wait staff that our ordered desserts had also been comped when they were also on the menu. Upon providing feedback, the wait staff couldn’t even look any of us in the eye, gave a perfunctory apology and disappeared. The lone cockroach ambling across the restaurant foyer as we left really just summed up the night. Absolutely disappointing.

  • Philip A.

    September 24, 20211 review


    The food was excellent! However, the service was a bit erratic with some food arriving in the wrong order, or too late And, for example, the coffee arrived long before dessert

  • Brad H.

    September 22, 20211 review


    It took us 15 minutes to find the plac

  • Ambiga S.
    Ambiga S.

    August 14, 20212 reviews


    One guest food was late, while others started eating, only red wine glasses on table although we ordered 2 bottles of red and 1 white. Wait staff did not come back to serve when asked for water. We were given 8.15pm seating although booked a month ago but while eating entrees we were constantly reminded kitchen will close soon and we have to order mains. Not a good experience for the money we spent that night, close to $900

  • Shannon W.

    June 26, 20211 review


    Attentive and knowledgeable wait staff. Food was really tasty. Beautifully designed building. Looking forward to going back!

  • Audrey T.

    June 12, 20217 reviews


    We had dinner in Saturday. My buddy had cured meats & scallops for entree while I had the Stagionato kingfish. For mains We had the veal tongue with salsa verde which was so tender. I totally recommend this light main & Tonnarelli Pork ragù. For dessert my buddy had Bigne di San Giuseppe custard and amarena cherry which was much better than my standard tiramisu. I would be back again soon

  • Jessica H.

    May 21, 20211 review


    Good service and beautiful restaurant but the food was disappointing. You’d think a carbonara would be a safe option but it had so much pepper in it that’s all you can taste. Also wasn’t a fan of the starters we ordered.

  • Vedrana P.

    February 26, 20211 review


    Both service and food have significantly declined since it initially opened. Service was extremely slow, unfriendly and borderline offensive as we were rushed to order desert before kitchen closed. Food was slow to come out and it was at half capacity. Pastas very undercooked and dry, starters reduced in size. Overall Atmosphere lacking. Such a shame as this place was a gem when it just opened.

  • Ashleigh H.

    January 30, 20211 review


    While we have been before and the food has been excellent. There seemed to be a much smaller menu but it wasn't upto the same standard. Our waiter seemed to be preoccupied and inattentive.

  • Halina S.
    Halina S.

    January 24, 202155 reviews



  • Sue L.

    January 9, 20211 review


    Portion sizes are very small & to charge $10 to upsize I feel is rather harsh ! Extremely salty food . Wines are good especially the Rose! Staff very efficient & helpful????

  • Peter F.

    December 20, 20201 review


    The meal was very expensive and not great. No major problems with the food but did not live up to expectations for such a pricey meal. Service was terrible. Had to continually look around to find staff and call them over. Drinks were not refilled and not asked if needed anything else. Been there lots in the past and has been good but after today will not be returning for a while

  • Aleisha H.

    December 12, 20201 review


    Terrible service. 30 minutes after seating we were still waiting for our bottle of wine. Constantly having to gain the wait staff attention to get top ups, order food, request plates to be removed. The food was average at best. Undercooked pasta- not al dente. Tried to overcharge for ‘main sizing’ when an entree size was requested. Also attempted to charge credit card surcharge when not paying by credit. Feedback was given in person to the waitstaff by seemed to fall on deaf ears. We will not be returning.

  • Nico S.

    December 4, 20201 review


    Have been to this restaurant a year ago and did not disappoint. Great atmosphere attentive staff and superb food. Highly recommend. Will definitely return.

  • Alannah M.

    November 13, 20201 review


    Excellence defined. Food, drink, service, atmosphere - everything! Will be sure to be back at Garum's restaurant. Could not of had a better dining experience.

  • Emily T.

    October 9, 20201 review


    Staff were amazing. I had been hyping up for this restaurant for over a year and it exceeded every expectation I had. The scallops and oysters are incredible. The pasta was amazing. Absolutely top knotch service and dining

  • Chris H.
    Chris H.

    September 11, 20201 review


    Entrees were good. Salami is fantastic and King Fish is great too. Pastas were a little but of a let down compared to previous visit, and lacking a little flavour. Overall an OK experience but nothing to write home about...

  • Enz D
    Enz D

    September 4, 20202 reviews


    Great food quality, service was a little slow - we decided against dessert due to the long wait

  • Nicoletta N.
    Nicoletta N.

    August 29, 20204 reviews


    Amazing food and fantastic service from the wait staff. Attentive to our requirements and went above and beyond to make our celebration special. The food was of exceptional quality, I wouldn't expect anything less from Guy Grossi.

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