Reviews - GBK Resorts World Birmingham

  1. Karl T.
    Karl T.
    • one review

    Excellent burgers and the service was good

  2. Gary N.
    Gary N.
    • one review

    We booked a table for eight people online and received all the necessary confirmations.On arrival the girl who welcomed us ( or rather NOT welcomed us) did not seem to be expecting us despite the booking, confirmations and us arriving on time.She appeared quite put out to have to push the tables together to make one large table. We ordered some drinks and food all which were good. No one came to enquire if the food was to our liking nor to take additional drinks orders or desserts which we would have ordered. The general concensus of the party was if the staff could not be bothered nor should we and we left and finished the evening elsewhere. I too am in business and consider that the potential to earn additional income is an opportunity that does not come around often and therefore should be grabbed with both hands , unfortunately in this case it would appear that your staff with their "can`t be bothered " attitude have allowed the possibility to earn additional profit slip away. Shame.

  3. Natalie W.
    Natalie W.
    • one review

    Gorgeous meal. Very quick service and the food was lovely and fresh. Staff lovely, happy and helpful.

  4. Sarah C.
    Sarah C.
    • one review

    Good fresh food served quickly. Staff were helpful, service was good. Skinny fries are very skinny - like shoe string fries.