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  1. Matteo B.
    Matteo B.
    • 10 reviews

    Really good food, really good wine and environment. For me it is one of the top restaurant in milan!

  2. Ben Cyprian Sindram M.
    Ben Cyprian Sindram M.
    • one review

    Was a nice place. Everything a little too much in the beginning it was empty and we felt monitored by the staff. Once they got busy this changed. Wrong water, sometimes a little wait on drinks. Dinner was interesting but not mind blowing. Some of the dishes tasted a little random, some good. Was it worth the price? Not sure ????

  3. Justin B.
    Justin B.
    • one review

    First class cuisine and service. A memorable introduction intro the world of Giancarlo Morelli.

  4. Ola D.
    Ola D.
    • one review

    We wanted as main Cours white truffel with spagetti. We were awere of high price but knew by experience that the quality wasworth it. Then it was a major disapointment that the musrom was tastless. We gave our constructiv feedback and got as result a reduction of price on the bill of 20 euro. Which , of course, put us in a bad mood. The dish was prised 175 euro and was worth the price of spagetti. But IT does not END up with a price reduktion. A shame you gave us. We will never visit you again. Ola Dybvik

  5. Mark D.
    Mark D.
    • 2 reviews

    Excellent menu, wine list and atmosphere - the service complimented each perfectly and to a very high standard. Highly recommended

  6. JAVIER G.
    • one review

    We were seeking for a romantic dinner, but we had the impression that the kitchen had forgotten our table. We decided to try the short tasting menu after waiting for more than 40 minutes to order. The interlude between each plate was 20 minutes... The experience was totally eclipsed by the long wait time. No apologies by the waiters. The service did not justified the amount we paid: 283€ /2 people.

  7. Mitch H.
    Mitch H.
    • one review

    Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

  8. Marco P.
    Marco P.
    • 7 reviews

    Great experience!

  9. Sandra n.
    Sandra n.
    • one review

    It was a true food experience. From start to finish. Feel like a true Italian and enjoy all extra’s surrounding your dinner. The beautiful decoration! The hand painted walls by the Chef’s son! The tableware, the outfits of the staff. Every detail sooths your senses. And the food...the food!!! So much choices brought down to an easy and enjoyable experience. Would love to visit the other 3 restaurants of the chef, because to create so much love, friendliness, decor and taste can only come from Passion. Don’t pass a chance of stopping over. Pay respect to this beautiful food hideaway! Even a cocktail from the extensive creative list is worth the visit! Bellisimo!!

  10. Mark H.
    Mark H.
    • 13 reviews

    Smart setting for very classy food. Excellent cheeseboard. Very good selection of wines by the glass by the sommelier.

  11. Paola B.
    Paola B.
    • one review

    Ambiente distinto qualità e cordialità

  12. Sophie M.
    Sophie M.
    • one review

    Absolutely amazing tasting menu with a group of girlfriends in Milan - every dish was beautifully presented and extremely delicious. Service was friendly and very understanding for our lack of Italian language skills. The room was beautiful - very stylish atmosphere and sophisticated décor. We also thought that the cost for our tasting menu and wine was very fair. Loved it and want to go back!

  13. DAVID R.
    DAVID R.
    • 7 reviews

    restaurant very elegant.service exceellent.portions tiny reallyalmost embarassing except for the MIlanese cutlet Wine choice tops