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Rescue dishes of your own choice or let the chef surprise you!

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Dinner impression (Individual dishes: €8,75)

Pumpkin Soup

Creamy soup made with rescued pumpkin served with ginger foam and pumpkinseeds


Confit leek with homemade crème fraîche, walnut pangrattato and leek dressing

Kimchi Pancake

Served with roasted cauliflower, homemade bulgogi and kimchi cream

Salmon Taco

Crispy taco with salmon tartare, salsa verde, yuzu miso dressing and furikake

Curry Cauliflower

Slow cooked cauliflower in curry butter served with purslane pesto (only available for 2 people to share!)


Bulgur salad with roasted rescued veggies, smoked onion cream and cauliflower leaves


Beetroot-kombucha sabayon, poached beetroot and caramelised white chocolate crumble

Panna Cotta

Lemon-verbena panna cotta with blackberry and nutty dark chocolate crumble

Breakfast & Lunch - from 11:30 AM

Instock granola

Yoghurt with fresh fruits, Instock granola and a coulis of fruit

Oyster Mushroom Croquettes

Two ‘GRO’quettes served with two slices of bread, mustard and a small salad

Bulgur Salad

Bulgur salad with roasted vegetables and thyme cream

Healthy Toast

Served with vegetable spread and roasted veggies. With egg? +€1,-

Fish Burrito

Burrito filled with fried fish, served with smoked bell pepper ketchup and sweet ‘n sour carrots

Soup of the Day

Ask the staff for the soup of the day! Served with bread

Chef's Tasting

Selection of daily changing sweet and savoury dishes


Served with bread and roasted salad. Add cheese, grilled veggies or salmon? €+1,- p/p

Fish-/falafel burrito

Burrito filled with fried fish or falafel, variety of vegetables and black garlic mayo


Sweet of the Day

Homemade sweets filled with what's in stock ask our staff about today's goodies!


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