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  1. AlexandraA
    • 3 reviews

    Delicious food and very friendly staff! Love the concept! I will definitely come back and share this place with friends.

  2. Claudia L.
    Claudia L.
    • 4 reviews

    interesting concept, very good ambiance , food ans service. The music as well is really nice. We spent a wonderful evening .

  3. Denise R.
    Denise R.
    • one review

    A great concept - but unfortunately it failed to deliver on taste, service and price. I ordered poached eggs with chorizo - all I can say is there is a good reason that Albert Heijn would have chucked that chorizo in the bin - it tasted off. My partner ordered the tosti, which was just bizarre - sausage with cheese and, wait for it - potatoes! I mean really, who puts potatoes in a toasted sandwich?! The waitress asked us if everything had been ok, I answered honestly that it was not good, and was met with a blank stare. If you don't want to know, don't ask! It's a real shame as it is a great idea, but it can only work if the ingredients are in the right hands. This is not the case with Instock.

    Instock Amsterdam

    Dear Din, we're sorry to read about your experience and that it didn't meet up to your expectation. We love creativity and encourage our chef to make unusual combinations (this is what our concept asks for, working with a different variety of ingredients every day), but sandwich with potato does not sound very tasteful and our kitchen staff does not recognize your description. Concerning the service; the way you describe that the waitress reacted is obviously not the way we usually work. Therefore we would really appreciate it if you could contact us (+31622215158) to discuss your experience and hopefully we can turn your bad experience around. Thank you in advance! Best regards, Freke

  4. Hannah Baker H.
    Hannah Baker H.
    • 5 reviews

    First of all, the service the sfeer here is lovely, and I wholeheartedly support the mission of the foundation! Regarding the food, the evening started well with a delicious wit asperge and aardbei salad. The main course consisted of what I can only call pasta with meat sauce, and not a pasta of any note, but simple macaroni's that were overcooked. It was really underwhelming. And finally dessert sounded delicious--a bit of pain perdu with poached pears and blueberries...but when it arrived the bread was barely soaked at all, and was hard and crunchy. It tasted just like the day old bread it must have been when it was collected from the supermarket. So sad. Interestingly, I heard from another friend who ate there the day after us that her food was delicious. Maybe we hit the chefs on an off night. :-(

  5. - -.
    - -.
    • 6 reviews

    Great concept. Love the idea and the passion of the staff. Service was really slow, a good half hour after sitting down before we got our first round of drinks. It was almost three hours after we arrived before the final course. Food was okay, but seemed to me like they were trying too hard. Sausages and kiwi fruit are not a good combination. Didn't live up to my expectations but worth a try and I was happy to support the concept.

  6. Dane H.
    Dane H.
    • 6 reviews

    Had a fantastic meal Saturday night at Instock. Food was creative and very tasty and the service was informative and very welcoming. Great value too.

  7. Ruth M.
    Ruth M.
    • 3 reviews

    Last friday I had dinner there with a girlfriend. The food was great, cheap and we loved the idea of being doing something against food waste. Decoration was very nice and warm atmosphere. The only thing was that is super popular and we found a late reservation, leading to take a bit longer for us to be served. In any event I am going back definitely with my husband.

  8. Aletta B.
    Aletta B.
    • one review

    Had a wonderful dining experience at Instock last week. We had the opportunity to sit along the water and enjoy the great wine, tasty food and beautiful summer evening all at the same time. The staff took the time to explain the concept and if they hadn't, I would not have noticed that we were eating "waste food" during the entire 3 course meal. The decor is stylish, with a great atmosphere, both inside and outside. Would surely recommend this restaurant!