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  1. Salvador Q.
    Salvador Q.
    • 2 reviews

    Fenomenal, trato exquisito, comida deliciosa una experiencia maravillosa

  2. Jakob B.
    Jakob B.
    • 2 reviews

    Me, my wife and our 6yo son had a reservation at 20:30, only to find out at arrival that the restaurant didn't open until 21:00. The staff was out many times, looking at us waiting without making any effort to approach or comment as to when they were going to open. Once inside, we got seated at a nice table inside a cosy sparesly decorated restaurant with appropriate level of soft music. The elderly waiter arrived to take orders. He was nice, but seemed a little distracted. The choices were apparently limited to a set menu basically choosing between meat or fish for main, and getting whatever was prepared for starters. We couldn't help but notice another table having an actual menu to choose from, but didn't mention it as it was expected to be a top notch meal either way. Drinks arrived together with a very good bread, so far so good. The first starter appeared, and was perfectly ok, being 3 dishes on a plate. Second starter arrived being what looked like a meatball in half a dumpling wrapper. My wife joked it looked like a lonely testicle, but I gave it the benefit of doubt only to be disappointed. Not very good. Here is where things started to go really sour. We waited for about half an hour before my wife was served a fish salad of some sort (she had ordered fish for main), and I got pig intestines with potato strips on top (I had ordered steak tartar for main). Taste was ok, but texture very hard to digest. A risky move by a top chef. After not finishing the intestines, the main waiter arrived and directly asked what we'd like for dessert. I was very confused, and figured the fish and meat we got had been our main dishes, due to the long wait after the starters. In response I simply said that we were disappointed and just wanted the bill. Waiting another half hour for the bill, I looked at other tables, where we saw guests getting a different type of plate for all their mains. Some of them looked like what I hard ordered, so I waived in yet another waiter, who looked like he was in charge (he turned out to be the owner). I told him this, and he went to check what happened to our order. Coming back he said he arrived half an hour late to the restaurant, then blamed miscommunication between us and the elder waiter claiming he did't speak English. However, I made our order in Spanish, and the elder waiter confirmed it saying it was a mistake on their part, an answer the owner didn't seem to like, but never openly acknowledged. I said I didn't want to pay for food we never got. Then the he said that the mains had been ready in the kitchen all this time, but never served. Asking why he stated that we had wanted the bill and assumed we didn't want mains. At this point it was well past 22:30 (1:30 in on the dinner without having received mains, nor bill for that matter), and our 6yo was basically falling asleep in his chair. As such we simply asked to pay for what we'd eaten and return to our hotel. Instead the owner offered us to look at desserts or the wine list (suggesting, but not explicitly mentioning it to be compensation for the mistakes made). At this point we really weren't in the mood for more waiting and asked to just pay and go. The owner then told us he'd prepare our mains to go, and gave us the bill. Safe to say, we never ate those mains (as neither of us felt like a night old steak tartar for breakfast). Still, we paid full price for the evening, with the addition of 2EUR/person in "service charge". While I understand they need the money being a restaurant during a pandemic, I'm fine paying for whatever food we got despite the errors. What I'm not fine with is the lack of acknowledgement of said error, with added insult to the customert to pay an extra fee for bad service.

  3. Laura F.
    Laura F.
    • one review

    Nos gustó

    • 2 reviews

    Vale la pena ir. Es un Restaurante con mayúsculas.

  5. Jesús B.
    Jesús B.
    • 11 reviews

    Un restaurante estupendo

  6. Vicente M.
    Vicente M.
    • 52 reviews

    Sitio totalmente recomendable, probamos el menú restaurant week con un arroz de secreto verduritas y calabaza, riquísimo, volveremos sin duda

  7. Robert M.
    Robert M.
    • 10 reviews

    Perfecta me encanta! Si tu vas a Valencia vas aqui!!!!

  8. Victor C.
    Victor C.
    • 40 reviews

    Gratamente sorprendido

  9. Tom B.
    Tom B.
    • 120 reviews

    Amazing food and service, definitely recommend.

  10. Arina S.
    Arina S.
    • one review


  11. Meri L.
    Meri L.
    • 2 reviews


  12. Luisa R.
    Luisa R.
    • 7 reviews

    Excelente. Muy recomendable. Menú degustación estupendo, a cada plato mejor. Un gran acierto. Sin duda repetiremos para probar otras cosas de la carta. Trato estupendo, tanto del chef que ha sido cercano y ha salido a saludarnos y aconsejarnos personalmente, que es de agradecer, como del resto de personal, que nos han atendido con total profesionalidad Mi enhorabuena al equipo al completo, un gran trabajo. Una cena increíble, gran trabajo en la cocina, y gran trato en la sala.

  13. Enrique F.
    Enrique F.
    • 5 reviews

    El tiempo que transcurrió desde que nos sentamos hasta el primer plato fue excesivo. Casi 40 minutos.

  14. PATRICK D.
    • 17 reviews

    Very delicious and surprising, every dish very attractive and fine wines. Plenty of information to make a personal choice. An excellent price/quality!

  15. Alfredo M.
    Alfredo M.
    • 5 reviews

    Express menu: very good quality at affordable price. Superior value compared with other Valencia's restaurant.