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Reviews - Kitchen Pasta all'uovo

Via degli Equi, 58, 00185 Roma
Average price €40

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Kitchen Pasta all'uovo

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Fabulous1572 reviews











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What diners said about this restaurant:

Good value for money
Short waiting time
  • Rafaella S.10 reviews

    October 15, 2023


    A very cosy place with delicious food - the inrerior decoriation made me feel like I was eating at my nonna’s place! Only thing: pleaseeeeee use real guanciale for the carbonara! Otherwise 10/10

  • Dominika M.1 review

    October 16, 2023


    It was a really pleasant dinner, the food was excellent $9$10$11$12$13$14$15$16

  • Jaelyn G.7 reviews

    June 28, 2023


    This was definitely the type of restaurant I would’ve passed without a second thought on a normal day. Due to having a discount through The Fork, me and my family tried it out and thank goodness we did!! We had hearty portions of excellent pasta. We were the only patrons in the store and the owner went out of her way to make us feel welcome. We loved how authentic everything felt. It was like having a meal cooked by a family member!

  • Giuliano D.24 reviews

    May 22, 2023


    Very good prices, everything was smooth. Food was tasty. The lady was very nice. I would gladly come back.

  • Francesco Wu

    Francesco Wu22 reviews

    April 15, 2023


    The owner was very kind and sweet. She helped us all the way, and was very attentive. The pastas are very good (slightly salty but that's the Roman way). The soup(zuppa) were top notch. Also the baccalà must be amazing, but we were full already after the pastas and the zuppa, so we just had that for take away. Overall very good experience and will definitely recommend and come back. Thanks


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    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner


  • Jake S.1 review

    February 19, 2023


    Nice relaxing atmosphere, traditional Italian style food at very good price.


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  • José M.12 reviews

    February 18, 2023


    Top.... Top.... Top....

  • Samuele B.

    Samuele B.3 reviews

    April 19, 2022


    Amazing atmosphere, very good experience! The food was really nice and we enjoyed a lot the evening. The place is really particular but lovely. Recommend to bring there the other half!

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner


  • Meg L.12 reviews

    July 14, 2021


    This is a really amazing little restaurant with a homely and traditional feel. The decorations around the walls, from wine bottles to vintage posters, are a feast for the eyes, and the food itself is delicious. The hosts are incredibly friendly and attentive. Highly recommend!

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner


  • Claudio D.

    Claudio D.19 reviews

    October 1, 2020


    Wonderful wine and Cacio e Pepe.

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner

    Grazie!! Felici di esservi piaciuti.

  • - -1 review

    September 27, 2020


    Everything was good, nothing exceptional. The host is friendly and, with the -50% discount, the price is unrivaled. Beware you fearful of covid-19, the safety measures didn't reach the restaurant.

  • Madalina V.8 reviews

    January 16, 2020


    Really good pasta!

  • Estelle D.

    Estelle D.24 reviews

    January 8, 2020


    We were afraid to enter at first because the restaurant seemed empty and we were not feeling at ease in the neighborhood but that was a pleasant surprise ! We chose this place because they were doing vegetarian lasagna and that’s so hard to find here. We were served rapidly but we were the only ones so I can’t really judge the speed, the meal was very good, in fact we even took some ravioli after our lasagna. For the dessert we had the tiramisu marroni (we asked without alcohol) which I found strong but still it was an amazing dessert it was so good and once again we didn’t see this dessert anywhere else. The woman was very pleasant and the place is funnily decorated which was nice. We didn’t do it but apparently you can write or draw on the table on a paper

  • Diego B.

    Diego B.11 reviews

    November 24, 2019


    Spaghetti alla carbonara has become a Tonnarelli + bacon & parmisan (far from the original recipe) Cacio e pepe was with pink pepper (nice to see but the taste was not good) Nice atmosphere and kind stuff but high prices (for the surroundings) and only ppl there to use the 30%/50% discount from TheFork.

  • Lisette B.5 reviews

    November 5, 2019


    Really felt like cosy home. Very friendly and relaxed. My son felt like having gnocchi but it was not on the menu. However it was no problem and specially made for him. Loved the chestnut Armagnac Tiramisu , that totally picked me up ????

  • Thomas V.5 reviews

    October 28, 2019


    Lasagna was great, nice cosy place. Homemade tiramisu was also nice to try, not like the tirumisu you’ve had before (mine was with red wine). Hostess speaks English and is accessible.

  • Madalina V.8 reviews

    October 11, 2019


    Great pasta! Definitely worth trying it! They also serve wine so don't forget to ask for a glass of wine. The waiting time is short so you won't starve for too long. Enjoy!

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner


  • Jan C M.28 reviews

    September 19, 2019


    Very Nice and goodfood

  • Claudia S.1 review

    September 19, 2019


    Pasta really good, secondi and dessert disappointing, staff friendly, but we had to go and get her every time we wanted to order. Nobody there besides us. Atmosphere not very cosy. Went there for an 50% offer, so price was okay. Otherwise way to expansive for what you get.

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner

    In Italy, at five in the afternoon, nobody eats foreigners looking for discounts. The second ones chosen were rather anonymous for those unfamiliar with the quality of the products. Ham, mozzarella and truffles make sense if you can't tell the value of what you eat !! Every time I approached, you were too busy with the phone, so why worry?

  • Kenneth W.15 reviews

    August 27, 2019


    Very good service, and nice food for extremely good value for money.

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner


  • Jerguš K.

    Jerguš K.1 review

    August 1, 2019


    The food was absolutely great and the owner was very kind. The interior of the restaurant could be improved upon.

  • Teodora S.

    Teodora S.6 reviews

    September 5, 2018


    The best pasta we had on our visit to Rome! The shopis not exactly in the touristy area, but it is worth the visit! We had the ravioli, and they were divine! We highly recommend it!

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner


  • Alberto R.

    Alberto R.32 reviews

    July 6, 2018


    Nice place, perfect location just next to the Pantheon and really tasty italian food. Ravioli with truffle were perfect.

  • Dany L.104 reviews

    July 8, 2018


    This very small pasta place just behind a grocery is reall

  • - -7 reviews

    July 5, 2018


    Real authentic food cooked by a real Nonna! Have to come here to have the pasta 10/10

  • Daniel G.

    Daniel G.18 reviews

    June 26, 2018


    Excellent food and great service. Small little place, where the onwer attends you and then go cook. Perfect!

  • Charlotte G.

    Charlotte G.28 reviews

    June 21, 2018


    Very cute restaurant, the woman is really nice and the food really tasty !

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner

    Grazie e buon viaggio!!

  • - -1 review

    April 2, 2018


    Very atypical place with a very very little number of tables. Strongly advise to book. Super nice when you want proper Italian food home made and different from all the noisy and crowded tourist place. Super nice team, very welcoming and discreet. The food was super good. I’ll definitely come back.

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner


  • Ghali A.54 reviews

    January 13, 2018


    A must see in Roma. Litterally the best pasta I have ever had. My wife discribed it as rediscovering lasagnas and pesto sauce. I strongly recommend their bresaola antipasta.

  • Evgeniya s.5 reviews

    December 3, 2017


    It was really nice cozy place. Food is really homemade. Pasta with trufles was delicious. But don't expect too much from that place,mainly is not restaurant,but lunch in your grandma's house. However service was calm and nice, workers speaks also English.

  • - -1 review

    December 2, 2017


    Lasagna was good, but the rest was horrible, the service, very bad, I got the menu for lunch which included a glass of wine that I never got, the table arranged horribly with plastic on the tablecover, dishes glasses and forks and knifes very old and worn, has seen better days, the lasagna was reheated on microwave, this place could be a ????, instead it looks like a dump old things put all together, I do not understand the bad taste, it would take really nothing to make it cozy and inviting, we never got bread either, we were totally disappointed. Never again!

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner

    Roma è nota per le cose antiche forse vecchie? Certo turisti che pretendono di sommare tutte le offerte possibili ne abbiamo le borse piene,questo è un posto per intenditori non per chi cerca di approfittare spendendo poco

  • - -6 reviews

    November 26, 2017


    This was a pleasant surprise. Made reservations at the last minute while touring the Pantheon. At first could not find the place as it appears just a store in the entrance which you need to walk through to get to the small quaint restaurant ... The smallest place I've ever seen with 4 tables total. It was quiet, enjoyed the music and loved the small atmosphere. I have other friends that would have likely walked out upon arrival .... but I'm so glad we stayed. The food was fresh, tasty and scrumptious.. The Italian lasagne, spaghetti pomodora and tortellini was delicious. Service was good. Highly recommend ... fun memory. Give it a try.

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner

    Thank you Mr. Reitmeier, thank you so much :)

  • - -4 reviews

    March 28, 2017


    Everything is perfect, espcially pasta and salad. This a family restaurant and the boss is very nice. Recommend!

  • António S.4 reviews

    February 25, 2017


    The pastas were excellent and the prices were reasonable.

    Kitchen Pasta all'uovoOwner


  • Jean-Paul S.4 reviews

    November 2, 2015


    nice home made food, good service and good price.

  • Valerie B.9 reviews

    October 30, 2015


    Good simple food...perfect for a quick lunch

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