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Pizzeria Romantic

Kitty Café Leeds

8-9 Kirkgate, LS1 6BZ Leeds
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Standard Booking - price per person from £5

This preset menu includes: Appetizer + Entrée + Dessert

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Average price £10
Plain Omelette
Freshly prepared with a pinch of salt. Enjoy on it's own or use to create your own
Breakfast Omelette
Start your day the British way with bacon, sausage and mushrooms
Pre Order Afternoon Tea for 2 plus entry £37.95
This preset menu includes: Sandwiches + Cakes + Scones and drinks.

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Kitty Café Leeds, Leeds
Kitty Café Leeds, Leeds
Kitty Café Leeds, Leeds
Kitty Café Leeds, Leeds
Kitty Café Leeds, Leeds
Kitty Café Leeds, Leeds
Kitty Café Leeds, Leeds



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  • Charlotte B.
    Charlotte B.

    May 28, 20231 review


    Beautiful idea and the staff at reception great. Sadly, customer service at the cafe side was lacking, probably just a lack of experience in catering. Missing cutlery, no sugar for hot drinks or spoon, food burnt to a crisp, missing a side, etc. No one asked if we wanted more drinks or cleared plates when deserts were brought out. Could be such a better "cafe" experience than just the cuteness factor of the cats - which softened the experience!

  • Bradie P.
    Bradie P.

    May 27, 20231 review


    Lovely experience and we had a great server - Josh who was lovely. Slight delay with the food timing but once arrived was good food. The overall experience was great and we will recommend to friends/family

  • Eliot F.
    Eliot F.

    May 27, 20231 review


    I think there should be an age limit in the cat cafe, me and my patented were as respectful as we could be to the cats, but children were picking them up, throwing cat toys and pillows around, and also leaning over us whilst we ate. In my opinion, this seemed to make the cats uncomfortable and a lot of them were on edge. Additionally, when we both ordered cakes, only one came out, it took us speaking to another member of staff to get the second one. Finally, it wasn’t clear what the £7 entry fee goes to, considering how uncomfortable the cats looked.

  • Kirsty G.
    Kirsty G.

    May 26, 20231 review


    We went in and ordered, table was booked for an hour and 55 mins later we had not received our drinks or food. When I queried this they agreed to extend our stay free of charge, got our mains but then 45 mins later had not received the desserts and had to ask for them. I understand the tills we’re playing up but if I go again I will eat / drink elsewhere.

  • Melissa T.
    Melissa T.

    May 26, 20231 review


    Lovely place to go for a coffee and a snack but definitely not to go for a meal as you can’t actually eat your meal as the cats swarm your table and you have to put the cover over so the cats can’t eat it. One even scratched my son for a little bit of omelette off his fork. But still lovely place but only for a coffee.

  • Zee R.
    Zee R.

    May 24, 20231 review


    amazing place ! cats are friendly and very obviously cared for. staff were very nice and informative - answered questions about the cats, so you could tell they cared and weren't just there for the money, which is what you want in a place like this ! food and drinks were protected from the cats by a small cage that could easily be lifted on and off. overall super cute place & experience, will definitely be back ! ????????

  • Alice E.
    Alice E.

    May 24, 20231 review


    Lovely food and a great time playing with cats!

  • isha m.
    isha m.

    May 22, 20231 review


    Best hour of therapy we have ever received in the UK. I'd recommend this place as a lovely date with your s/o, spending time with friends, family and those who are neurodiverse (relaxing environment with lots of space, no music and not very busy). The staff were kind and talkative, and the atmosphere was delicious. I can't begin to explain how beautiful all the rescue cats were, and how well they were treated by staff; there were a lot of rules to abide by beforehand which we really respected for their safety. There was a vast variety of cats, and they even had little polaroids of each cat with their name underneath their picture (btw they need to update this because the pictures were from when they were kittens!!). A lot of them were pretty dazed, and lethargic as they'd probably just been to the vet but they jumped back into action when the food came out - the lady (Lauren I think?) even gave me some food to feed them. We also ended up buying a key ring and a cool blue t-shirt (which had "adicat" written on it with the Adidas logo but with 3 cats instead) and the money goes towards the welfare of the *rescue* cats. We hope that the one in Manchester will open up again soon as we had to travel to Leeds! :)

  • Carmen P.
    Carmen P.

    May 22, 20231 review


    Lovely cafe but unfortunately we were surrounded by hungry cats who wouldn’t leave us alone, I love cats but this was a bit too much, my kids had to stand I sat down & had cat paws on my plate. Threw the food down my neck before the cats had it.

  • Nikki C.
    Nikki C.

    May 21, 20231 review


    Wonderful experience, however your booking is limited to an hour and service is very slow, we booked the deal of food lunch and a cake, had to go find someone to ask for the cake as it was ten mins before we were due to leave. Luckily we managed to eat it just in time! They would probably be better asking customers to go and order at a desk and then you are not sat waiting. Staff were very friendly and helpful though. Overall a lovely experience and would visit again

  • Nataly I.
    Nataly I.

    May 20, 20231 review


    Wish to set age restrictions as in most cat cafes: small children can't control themselves and follow the rules about running, crying and catching cats. Unfortunately, stuff and parents don't control it either which is 1) stressful for cats 2) cat's hide so other visitors with children can't enjoy cat's presence. The waiters were friendly, the cheesecakes tasty, but our order was missed, so we waited a long time and had to remind about it. As the cats are friendly and curious they jump on the tables, so it was a shock that the spoon for a cake was put just directly on the table, unwrapped. The design of the cafe is great, good infrastructure for cats. Convenient reservation system.

  • Deborah E.
    Deborah E.

    May 20, 20231 review


    Really good atmosphere, staff and cats wonderful, would have got 10 out of 10 but one of our dishes(chicken nuggets) wasn't great Wanted to take cats home, especially Crinkle , Mercury and Priscilla, not sure our cat would approve though !The cats and kittens are free to do as they please, they can get away if they want to, rules were necessary and easy to follow, furniture comfy and relaxed Would recommend to any cat lover ????????

  • Carmel O.
    Carmel O.

    May 20, 20231 review


    Lovely cafe, food below average. Cake ok. Staff really lovely but slow service. Cats all seemed happy and friendly, cute experience. Daughter loved it and they wrote a happy birthday message on her cake which was a cute touch.


    May 20, 20231 review


    The whole place is great. We all loved the experience and are already planning on going again. Definitely worth the trip to Leeds. Five stars from us

  • Beth R.
    Beth R.

    May 20, 20231 review


    We enjoyed coming here today, the cakes were very tasty and my daughter enjoyed her kitty floss mocktail, the cats are mostly friendly especially when they see food ????

  • Philip L.
    Philip L.

    May 20, 20231 review


    We went as a treat for my son's 11th birthday and he loved it. The cats are really friendly. Only once did I see a cat get cross and that was only because some devil child from another table was harassing the poor thing. Food and service both very good.

  • Molly T.
    Molly T.

    May 20, 20231 review


    The concept is brilliant, the reality is far from! On arrival we had to pay £7 each after already pre booking for the meal deal. I understand that this is a welfare centre however I strongly believe the contribution from customers should be a donation of choice. The rules can be quickly glanced at before being hurried away to your table. We were placed in what felt like a corridor we had staff and guests constantly walking past us. We expected a clam and relaxing treat but experienced a stressful and chaotic setting. As cat lovers we enjoyed the time we got to spend with the animals until they were chased away by screaming and running children. I can only describe this place to resemble a children’s soft play area! It was not nice to see many of the cats looking in distress and trying to hide from children. Once seated we were given menus and then a 20 minute wait before we could order our ‘breakfast’ there was only 2 options for this unless you fancy a pizza or a wrap at 10am!? We waited a long time for our food and drinks to arrive. Two omelette came first, the second 10 minutes later. When the food arrived it was a race to eat and one of our members actually had to stand up with their plates as the cats were climbing all over us and grabbing for food off our plates, not to mention drinking the milk for our tea. We kindly attempted to shoo them away. One member of staff at this point essentially told off one of us for picking up a cat, how else were we supposed to get it off our table? Another member of staff walked past and laughed at the fact that the cats were trying to eat our food! This place is ultimately unhygienic and poorly managed. Suggestions could include having a separate area to eat and a age restriction to limit children from entering the cafe. I would not recommend nor will I be returning. I believe there are better ways to improve animal welfare than to use them as a marketing technique.

  • Oliver B.
    Oliver B.

    May 19, 20231 review


    It said nowhere in the booking process that it would cost £7 per person to enter, nor in the four emails I received prior to arrival. The food was of very low standard, and small portion sizes. £9 for an 8" margherita pizza. I feel like I've been scammed, even if it was for the "wellbeing of the animals". Lovely staff, but clearly needed more people on the ground. Well looked after animals, but the cost is prohibitive.

  • Joe D.
    Joe D.

    May 19, 20231 review


    Great friendly service and lovely cats, but £24 for afternoon tea which was very bare bones compared to a lot of other restaurants we've had afternoon tea at. Seemed to tick the bare minimum boxes and no more. On top of the £14 entry, it's not a cheap way to spend an hour, but it was fun.

  • Ross W.
    Ross W.

    May 18, 20231 review


    Food was ok. However we were told that we have a 1hr booking. We waited ages for the food and even longer for dessert so much longer we had to cancel the dessert. I will try it again and hopefully it’ll be better. The place was awesome and that’s the only reason I’ll go again. Had it been like a standard restaurant I wouldn’t visit again

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