Reviews - Krishna 13

  1. Priscilla Q.
    Priscilla Q.
    • 2 reviews

    The restaurant was very good; the food was wonderful and, even before sitting to eat our meal, I was excited to be there because I opened the door and all I saw were Indian families eating. Very authentic!

  2. - -.
    - -.
    • one review

    This restaurant has a very nice setting although small. The service was slow as they were very busy dealing with a large group. But it was worth the wait as the food was very delicious !! Shinny our waiter was very helpful and catered for my needs as I was fasting. He kept us informed and was well mannered even though he was under pressure. Would recommend this restaurant as it serves delicious authentic Indian food , even my husband loved it and he is very fussy !

  3. - -.
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    • one review

    We wanted a break from Italian food and we saw this place on Tripadvisor. We loved the fact it wasn't crowded and the ambience was nice and different in terms of the decor. The menu had a good selection and we ordered vegetarian. Food was really tasty and we couldn't fault the service. Vicky and Shine went out of their way and also made good recommendations. Worth the visit and not pricey at all.

  4. Paul C.
    Paul C.
    • one review

    A true Indian restaurant with real spices and taste

  5. Paul E.
    Paul E.
    • 3 reviews

    My daughter's chicken tikka masala was tasty, my hala bhala kebab was a bit mild to my taste, I'm glad I was "up sold" on the pilau with peas (more flavoursome) and the chicken and paneer pakora were pretty good too. Nice decor and ambience; clientele on the night ranging from a family with a young child to several dates and a small girls night out. Prices are okay: look very reasonable at first glance, but don't include rice and naan. Once you order your carbs, the price/performance ratio is average for an Indian subcontinent meal in continental Europe.

  6. Tiffany P.
    Tiffany P.
    • 21 reviews

    We were a little worried when we first arrived and they couldn't find our reservation. But the food was delicious and service first class. The owner is extremely polite and generous. Gave us a generous portion of whiskey at the end. Great place!

  7. Jack B.
    Jack B.
    • 2 reviews

    Krishna 13 served authentic Indian cuisine with excellent service. Would recommend to anybody looking to have a break from Italian food for a night (or two!), you won't be disappointed!