1. Adeline G.
    Adeline G.
    • 3 reviews

    It was definitely a most unpleasant dinner we had. We waited for about 1hr for our food, as they forgot one of our entree. For the main course, they took the wrong order and did not apologise for their mistake. Also, the steak was requested to be 85% well done, but it was still very raw. In addition, the steak had a lot of fats, and when we feedback to the Indian lady boss, she brushed us off and replied us rudely that ' it was normal'. The attitude of the Indian lady boss was very rude. Definitely do not recommend this place.

    • 21 reviews

    Je recommande!

  3. Saskia  P.
    Saskia P.
    • 2 reviews

    We had a great evening at this restaurat. The service was really nice and the food was delicious!

  4. Birgit H.
    Birgit H.
    • one review

    Very nice good meals

  5. Orlando E.
    Orlando E.
    • 12 reviews

    Nice and cosy meal after a long day

  6. Vicky d.
    Vicky d.
    • 2 reviews

    We were concerned when we arrived and the door was still locked but once we our food arrived we were pleasantly surprised.. highly recommend the beef bourguignon!

  7. Markus B.
    Markus B.
    • one review

    Prices: really fair for Paris. Taste: Awesome. Service: Quite good

  8. Marie C.
    Marie C.
    • 6 reviews

    Très bien.

  9. Marella C.
    Marella C.
    • 14 reviews

    Seafood entree very good but beef mains very fatty and poor quality served with water logged beans and deep fried chips not rrstaurant standard more what you expect from cheap american diner. Also dessert not restaurant standard just some average supermarket icecream with supermarket topping.

  10. Federica M.
    Federica M.
    • 28 reviews

    Good food and excellent service!

  11. Barbara B.
    Barbara B.
    • 51 reviews

    Good food, good service, prices kind of high - but very interesting with the 50% offer from TheFork! I would definitely go there again, as long as I can get the discount. The entrées in particular (crème de carottes and soupe à l'oignon) were delicious; the grilled mix, on the other side, was a little tough. It's worth a try!

  12. Raphael W.
    Raphael W.
    • one review

    Very nice evening with very good food. Perfect Service at all.

  13. Pierre k.
    Pierre k.
    • one review

    Très très bien!

  14. Paul N.
    Paul N.
    • 2 reviews

    Very disappointing. We were only in Paris for two nights and thought the reviews looked very promising. The charcuterie starter had a few hairs on it and still had the grease proof paper from the presumably supermarket bought meat still on the back. My girlfriend is vegetarian so went for the house vegetarian burger. This was a fried potato pattie in a bread bun served with a side order of greasy chips and limp lettuce. I had the mussels which were very dry and sandy with the same greasy chips. Probably one of the most disappointing meals I have ever had. Such a shame in a city of culinary delights. Wish I'd complained at the time.

  15. Jean-Francois P.
    Jean-Francois P.
    • 106 reviews

    Was very surprised by the quality of the food and the reasonable price.

  16. Stephan R.
    Stephan R.
    • 6 reviews

    Very good restaurant, definitely worth eating there!

  17. Se L.
    Se L.
    • 25 reviews

    Good service and good food

  18. Dereck D.
    Dereck D.
    • 16 reviews

    Una de las experiencias culinarias más deliciosas que hemos tenido en la ciudad luz. Excelente atención, sabores y precio.

  19. Arthur G.
    Arthur G.
    • one review

    Simple, bon et efficace

  20. Véronique M.
    Véronique M.
    • 19 reviews

    le filet de daurade bon mais un peu maigrichon les légumes cuits al dente ! parfait le camembert flambé n'était pas assez chaud et pas assez grillé desserts délicieux malgré les restrictions ci dessus mentionnées , nous avons bien diné cuisine simple , produits frais

  21. Gilbert T.
    Gilbert T.
    • 13 reviews

    Bonne qualité des plats et des vins Une bonne soirée avec un accueil souriant et sympathique

  22. Bernard B.
    Bernard B.
    • 5 reviews

    Un havre de calme dans ce quartier très animé. Excellent accueil. Le cadre est de bon goût. La cuisine est de qualité. Avec ça, on a tout dit.

  23. - -.
    - -.
    • 2 reviews

    A really nice restaurant with great ambiance! With the 40% discount from Lafourchette we ate a fantastic meal for a very reasonable price - with an amazing glass of wine. The Camembert Flambé was a cool show and tasted delicious.

  24. Nassir h.
    Nassir h.
    • 9 reviews

    Plats moyens