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  1. David M.
    David M.
    • 21 reviews

    Great atmosphere, staff and food! Sadly it was a Monday night and we were the only ones in the restaurant. It's always more enjoyable when the place is bustling.

  2. Khadija A.
    Khadija A.
    • 19 reviews

    The rib eye was exquisite. I will return very soon.

  3. Eduardo D.
    Eduardo D.
    • 12 reviews

    Une très belle découverte! Its like you were in England...but you’re still in France!

  4. Sonyia j.
    Sonyia j.
    • 5 reviews

    This is the second time we have eaten lunch here and again it didn’t disappoint. The staff are friendly and very welcoming. The food is excellent and changes daily. There is always some interesting vegetarian/vegan choices.

  5. Jacques M.
    Jacques M.
    • 10 reviews

    Conforme au passé avant Covid

  6. Paul-Emeric W.
    Paul-Emeric W.
    • 69 reviews

    We loved it! Beautiful place, elegant but not too serious, great music and atmosphere, discreet but very nice service! The cocktails, the food, everything was delicious! We really had a great time, thank you!

  7. Eric v.
    Eric v.
    • 6 reviews

    Excellent food. Merci

  8. Nicky h.
    Nicky h.
    • 9 reviews

    Too expensive

  9. Edouard N.
    Edouard N.
    • 4 reviews

    Very good British meals revisited with a French style. The fish cakes were delicious. Central location and reasonable prices.

  10. Raphaelle S.
    Raphaelle S.
    • 9 reviews

    Plat typique anglais, dommage le soir pas de dessert traditionnel christmas pudding a la carte. Bonne qualité des produits et un régal pour le saumon. Il manquait la décoration de Noël anglais.

  11. Claude L.
    Claude L.
    • 5 reviews

    On n'hésite pas, on y va, pas de Brexit pour l'Entente

  12. Alex R.
    Alex R.
    • 41 reviews

    Very nice service. Good food

  13. Michèle W.
    Michèle W.
    • one review

    One of a kind restaurant. The staff is just amazing, always ready to make some pranks if needed to our friend who was celebrating his birthday at L'entente. The food is good, typical British dishes, you should look to the menu before coming if you're not aware of what it can be! They have veggie friendly plate and fish and chips if you're not fond of meat. We enjoyed the 30% discount so it wasn't that expensive. I will try to comeback for brunch someday. Again thank you!

  14. Alain q.
    Alain q.
    • 39 reviews

    Cuisine fine et faite maison. Service attentionne

  15. Dan B.
    Dan B.
    • one review

    Always excellent. Food was timely and of good quality. No cut corners. Really gives the Best of British and will make the French question the stereotype of British cuisine. Lovely decor and nice music. A lovely evening.

  16. Dimitri D.
    Dimitri D.
    • 4 reviews

    Nice dishes and pleasant atmosphere ! The endives and Stilton cheese is very good! I Would recommend this place for a quick fine British trip ;) !

  17. Laura T.
    Laura T.
    • 19 reviews

    Un service discret mais efficace, des plats sans fausses notes, une belle découverte.

  18. Vincent l.
    Vincent l.
    • 173 reviews

    Très déçu !

  19. Steve M.
    Steve M.
    • 48 reviews

    This is one of my favourite place in Paris and I go every so often. Today we took a friend from Canada and she really enjoyed it too. The staff were lovely and the food was delivered very quickly and was very tasty. Be aware that it's not a cheap option, but certainly worth the money if you are looking to treat yourself on a Sunday morning.

  20. Marie J.
    Marie J.
    • 20 reviews

    Une très belle découverte. On est à Londres.. . Un fish and chips la sauce tartare... Trop bon

  21. Knut J.
    Knut J.
    • 94 reviews


  22. Valérie Z.
    Valérie Z.
    • 44 reviews

    Carte originale !

  23. Dorothy S.
    Dorothy S.
    • 4 reviews

    Second visit and again not disappointed in any way. Quality, ambiance, service, all top !

  24. Anne-sophie V.
    Anne-sophie V.
    • 28 reviews

    Très belle brasserie avec un service attentionné. Très bon english breakfast servi à 15h30.

  25. Maxime T.
    Maxime T.
    • 17 reviews

    Un excellent brunch

  26. Nabil b.
    Nabil b.
    • 41 reviews

    Thank you for offering us the possibility to eat yummy typical British dishes! (Everything is perfect, except maybe the prices which are in my opinion a little expensive, by comparison to other same quality restaurants )

  27. Malika G.
    Malika G.
    • 23 reviews

    Excellent !

  28. Guillaume D.
    Guillaume D.
    • 18 reviews

    Nice restaurant located in a very busy district. Clear and simple menu with several tasty options.

  29. Florian R.
    Florian R.
    • 15 reviews

    Bon expérience

  30. Ying J.
    Ying J.
    • 69 reviews

    Service super long mal organisé. Brunch ok pas tip-top

  31. Vincent W.
    Vincent W.
    • 25 reviews


  32. Elizabeth C.
    Elizabeth C.
    • 7 reviews

    Enjoyed a lovely group meal - very reasonable bill with 30% off an delicious food. One of my favourite places to eat in Paris.

  33. Emilie C.
    Emilie C.
    • 22 reviews

    Very nice restaurant to have a business lunch! Food is always amazing, about the only place where I like to have fish in Paris.

  34. Alexandre A.
    Alexandre A.
    • 22 reviews

    I loved it. There is the perfect mix of warm, dynamic cosy and jazzy atmosphere, the food is delicious and the service "attentioned" at the right level.

  35. Doina M.
    Doina M.
    • 74 reviews

    The food is delicious, the service perfect and the ambiance ‘so british’ :) Thank you for a lovely evening !

  36. Jean-pascal C.
    Jean-pascal C.
    • 144 reviews

    Excellente cuisine britannique, service attentionné, mention spéciale à la tourte au poulet

  37. Amit N.
    Amit N.
    • 38 reviews

    Good meal. Service here and there.

  38. Dumitru G.
    Dumitru G.
    • 4 reviews

    Really nice restaurant. The staff was just great, attentive, welcoming and nice. The ambiance was pleasant. Restrained number of choices on the menu which I greatly appreciate. Food was nicely presented and generally tasty. But in our party of 7 the reactions was mixed. Some appetizers (the terrine, Welsh rarebit) were underwhelming, the pea soup was ok, and while the Scotch quail eggs were delicious there was only 1 portion when we wanted to order three. The main dishes fared better especially the Skate fish, but unfortunately the best part of the stake dish were the chips. Unfortunately we had the same luck with the wine. The white we chose was delicious but the red recommended by a very nice member of the staff (the owner?) was enjoyed by only one of our group (admittedly he is the connoisseur), but even he described it as very particular. Overall we had a great time and the deal we got during on certainly made it worth it.

  39. Karen S.
    Karen S.
    • 4 reviews

    It was a very pleasant discovery for a family meal out in Paris. Good quality and friendly staff. Looking forward to trying the Brunch!

  40. Lily T.
    Lily T.
    • 19 reviews

    Quite the lovely restaurant. The premise of quality English cuisine in Paris, using gorgeous French produce (except for the cheeses), is an interesting one and L’Entente delivers. We went for brunch, and despite finding the menu a bit too short, we found the food (Eggs Royale, Full English) to be very tasty and impeccably delivered. Cocktails were also delicious and worth indulging in. Service was a bit slow (I think we got unlucky behind a large party) but we weren’t in a rush. I’ll be going again to try their lunch options.