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Mozarella di Bufala, beet, pomelos

Pairing: Lambic Brunello (Oud Beersel). A barrel aged beer that will surprise you by its acidity.

Veal tartare, nuts, sheep yogurt

Pairing: La Petite fumée (Giffre). A light dark smoked beer that will go perfectly with the veal.

Main course

Lean, burned leek, cucumber, carrots, piquillos, lemon

Pairing: Envy (Moor). Dry and fruity pale ale

Orange duck, snacked nuddles with vegetables, cashew nuts

Pairing: Oceania (Toccalmatto). A perfectly balanced saison.


Madagascar manjari chocolate, parfait of bananas

Pairing: Page 24 Imperial Stout (St Germain). A dark powerful beer aged in bourbon barrels

Almond financier, cherries, rhabarber aux amandes, cerises, rhubarb

Pairing: Progressive Barley Wine (Elav). Perfect desert beer, caramel and powerful.


Glass of wine

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