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Snails from river Weiss soup, juice of garlic parsley, beef consommé in a cup and a slide of bread of snails fricassee
Warm duck foie gras cutlet, vegetables
Duck foie gras terrine, chutney of shallots and red wine, toasted bread with berawecka fruits with spices
Noix de coquilles Saint-Jacques comme les faisait ma maman, revisitées à ma façon

Main course

Squab "Le Colombier Salixien", juice of tasty squab, warm foie gras cutlet and its fleischnacka of pigeon as a stuffed cabbage
Lamb from Quercy, lamb juice Ras el-hanout, Spring turnip, honey, lemon, thym
Fresh fish according to deliveries from our fishmonger, and from our fisherman on the Leman lake, Eric Jacquier
Beef fillet, red wine sauce


Selection of local cheeses


An organic lemon (cream, espuma, sorbet...)
Meringue, mousse and creamy of different chocolates from Cluizel crispy praline and gavottes, chicory ice-cream, tonka cream
Marc de Gewurztraminer soufflé and macerated grapes, green tea and lemon sorbet, kougelhopf as a toast
White cheese mouss and white chocolate, strawberry sorbet and rhubarb


Bottle of champagne
Glass of champagne
Bottle of water
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine

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