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The Mister Chapuis's Tomatoes
CHF 25

Tasting of tomatoes with different flavors, creamy burrata with pesto, black olive tapenade vinaigrette, gazpacho granita, homenade gressins with fleur de sel

The Flower Zucchini & Sea Bream
CHF 29

Sea bream with oyster tartare with a zucchini preserve ribbon, stuffed flowers in a lightly tart sauce tarragon & watercress focaccia

The Duck Foie Gras from Les Landes
CHF 34

Terrine, thin strawberry jelly with chutney, brioche


The King Prawns
CHF 36

Served in a coconut, with a wok of vegetables and bean prouts, Basmati rice, pak-choi, red curry sauce

The Veal
CHF 49

Medallion in the fillet simmered with onions, Niçoise ratatouille, roasted spicy Charlotte potatoes, gravy sauce

The Beef
CHF 39

Tartare, homemade chips, green salad

The Romain fisherman’s Perches (according delivery)
CHF 55

Perches of Lake Geneva: “Provençal-style” or “Meunière” with lemon, homemade French fries or vegetables.

The Zucchini Flowers
CHF 33

Stuffed with chanterelle mushrooms, potato churros with Marsala wine, chanterelle mushroom stir fry


"Tout Choc'Gourmand"
CHF 16

Tender chocolate biscuit, creamy chocolate with caramel, light chocolate cream 75\% from Pérou

The Lemon Cheesecake
CHF 13

Cream flavoured with zest of lemon and crystallized lemon

Raspberry & Blackcurrant
CHF 13

Crunchy shortbread biscuit, blackcurrant jam, tender biscuit, raspberry mousse, light mascarpone cream

The Friborg Meringue
CHF 14

Red berries, double cream, coulis

Gourmet Coffee
CHF 10

Served with 3 sweets

Formule du midi

CHF 21


Glass of champagne
CHF 20
Bottle of water
CHF 10
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
CHF 50
Glass of wine
CHF 10

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