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Our Organic Sandwiches

Le Tradition

Rosette Hand Flanged, Raw Milk Brie, Mustard, Salad


Dry ham, Fourme d'Auvergne, Mustard, Salad

Le Chèvre Miel

Dry ham, goat's cheese, honey, salad

Le Provençal

Hand-rolled Coppa, Goat Cheese, Black Olive Tapenade, Salad

Le Sud-Ouest

Ham, Goat Cheese, Red Pepper Delight, Salad

Le Montagnard

Dried beef, ewe tomme, Delicious tomato confit, Salad

Le Cremeux

Fourme d'Auvergne, Raw Milk Brie, Goat Cheese, Sweet Butter, Salad

Our Organic Croques

Le Briard

Sourdough Wheat Bread, Emmental, Fresh Cream, Raw Milk Brie, Mustard

Le Chèvre

Sourdough Wheat Bread, Emmental, Fresh Cream, Goat Cheese, Candied Tomato Delight

Le Basque

Sourdough Wheat Bread, Emmental, Fresh Cream, Ewe Tomme, Red Pepper Delight

Our Organic Salads

La Vegetarienne

Vegetable base, Hazelnuts, Seed mix, Corn, Croutons, Vinaigrette

La Comtoise

Vegetable base, Dry ham, Artisanal Comté, Hazelnuts, Corn, Croutons, Vinaigrette

La Montagnarde

Vegetable base, Dried beef, Ewe tomme, Corn, Croutons, Vinaigrette


Vegetable base, Fourme d'Auvergne, Dry ham, Hazelnuts, Corn, Croutons, Vinaigrette


Vegetable base, Coppa, Goat Cheese, Hazelnuts, Corn, Croutons, Vinaigrette

La Trois Fromages

Vegetable base, Comté, Tomme, Goat cheese, Corn, Croutons, Vinaigrette

Quinoa Bio

Our Organic Boards

Cheeses Board
Mixed Board with Charcuterie and Cheeses
Charcuterie Board


French Apéro 2 people

Mixed Board with Meat and Cheeses with a bottle of wine from Château Farizeau

Our Desserts "Homemade"

Dessert of the day "Autour d'un Gateau"

Création Autour d’un Gâteau)

Fruits Salad

Fruits sélectionnés par La Ferme de Longchamp

Café Gourmand

avec ses trois mignardises

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Bottle of champagne
Bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine

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