1. Ingrid g.
    Ingrid g.
    • one review

    Small and typical parisienne restaurant with perfect service

  2. Anett K.
    Anett K.
    • one review

    I've been to this restaurant 5-6 times before with a Frenchspeaking friend and would have given it five stars. This time neither of us spoke French and the service was terrible. The person seating us spoke English, but the waitor not. We wanted some juicy rack of lamb that my mum had at this restaurant a few years ago and I wanted to know if they still had them. I spoke English, the waitor kept talking to me in French -- we didn't understand a single word. I asked how it was served. More French. We ordered and hope it was the correct dish. It was not. We got grilled lamb with fries and two lettuce leaves with a teaspoon of dressing. Everything but the dressing was dry. I asked for some kind of gravy. More French and a pot of mustard. At least the wine was good. We only ate the meat - the rest of the plate was barely touched and we said we didn't like it. More French and waving at the desserts. We finished our wine, paid without tip and left, never to return again. Why did we not get the Enlishspeaking waitor?