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The Traditional Delicatessen

Chiffonnade of Country ham, chorizo, sausage, sausage in oil, country pâté

The Traditional Cheese

Laguiole, St Nectaire, chiffonade de tome de brebis, Roquefort, cheese of the moment

The Mixed

Chiffonnade of local ham, sausage, sausage in oil, 2 Roqueforts (your choice), chiffonnade of sheep's trotter, St Nectaire, Pérail


Mamimosa Egg

Mimosa-style egg on crust and its perfect egg

Country ham and "Pan con Tomate"

Toasted bread with garlic, tomato pulp, local ham chiffonade

Marinated Scottish salmon

Marinated salmon, lemon cream with dill

Homemade duck foie gras, marbled with Port

Grilled toast and onion confit

Meal Salads

Scottish Salmon Salad

Salad, tomato, marinated salmon, lemon cream with dill

Caesar Salad

Salad, breaded chicken fillet, croutons, eggs, old Rodez cheese

Perigourdine Salad

Salad, tomato, marbled with homemade foie gras, smoked duck breast


The Authentic

Minced steak 150g, Laguiole cheese sauce, tomato coulis, salad, candied onions - Homemade French fries

The Original Goat

Minced steak 150g, goat cheese buchette, smoked bacon, tomato, salad, candied onions - Homemade French fries

The Gourmet

Minced steak 150g, foie gras, Perigord sauce, tomato, salad, candied onions - Homemade French fries

The Direct circuit

Organic lamb of Larzac roasted and candied

Organic lamb from Larzac of Mr Goujon Patrick producer on our commune. Grilled vegetables and shot potatoes

Aubrac Beef Slate with Slate (Price from) Ask for advice.

From the direct circuit : from Mr Majorel Julien beef farmer on the Aubrac.

Charcoal grills

Aubrac Steak - 170g
Grilled Aveyron sausage and Aligot from Aubrac
Pork chop of Aveyron roasted to the embers

Plats maison

Filet de saumon d'Écosse rôti à la braise

Sauce crustacés, riz

Suprême de Pintade aux saveurs de genièvre
Boîte chaude d'Encalat

Camembert au lait de brebis et assortiment de charcuteries de l'Aveyron et mouillettes

The Sweetness of Leonie

Cheese plate
Crème brûlée
Lemon pie revisited
Homemade chocolate mousse
Coffee Tiramisu
The real gourmet coffee

Nespresso, chocolate mousse, revisited lemon pie, whipped cream and homemade salted butter caramel

Homemade Sundaes

Ice cream sundae and coulis

Caramel or strawberry or chocolate

Ice cream sundae, coulis and biscuit

Caramel or strawberry or chocolate, Breton cake or meringue or Oreo

Breton recipe

Ice cream sundae, caramel coulis, Breton cake

Vacherin recipe

Ice cream sundae, strawberry coulis, meringue

Oreo recipe

Ice cream sundae, chocolate coulis, Oreo cake



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