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Very good

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  1. Susanne W.
    Susanne W.
    • 6 reviews

    Fantastisk god mat!

  2. Feffe K.
    Feffe K.
    • one review

    Just. Great. As always.

  3. Carl M.
    Carl M.
    • 5 reviews

    Waited 15 minutes until I got a menu, ordered a beer. Waited another 15 minutes and didn’t get the beer. Walked out of the place without turning back. Disaster

  4. Catherine F.
    Catherine F.
    • 30 reviews

    A good place for sushi. The tuna tartare starter was amazing. The atmosphere is a little lacking but if you have a 50% voucher it’s worth it!

  5. Yuxin G.
    Yuxin G.
    • 16 reviews

    Great sushi, I had 12 nigiri. My fried had tuna steak and was very pleased. Nice terrace to sit outside during summer time. Very cosy. Good service.

  6. Peter O.
    Peter O.
    • 7 reviews

    Bra mat!

  7. Antonio B.
    Antonio B.
    • 6 reviews

    Good food and good service

  8. Christian T.
    Christian T.
    • 4 reviews

    Excellent. Enjoyed the food and service. Will go back and eat there again.

  9. Tobias B.
    Tobias B.
    • 10 reviews

    Servitören visste ej vad vegan var

  10. Sverre H.
    Sverre H.
    • 2 reviews

    Love the place!!!

  11. Agnes W.
    Agnes W.
    • 5 reviews

    Very tasty sushi but we were surprised that we couldn’t order some sushi such as maki with salmon, mint and mango that we checked earlier on on the restaurant’s website. We got a different menu at the restaurant than the one which we found on the website. Otherwise it was really nice!

  12. Katarina K.
    Katarina K.
    • 52 reviews

    Maten var så god!

  13. Kawin T.
    Kawin T.
    • 23 reviews

    Loved the presentation of the food, but the prices were quite high. Nigiri sushi was excellent, but the rolls had quite dry rice. TheFork’s discount also did not apply to the main courses although you had to ask to be informed.

  14. Malin G.
    Malin G.
    • 2 reviews

    Much better before the ownership changed. Food still ok but it was very disorganised and few choses for wine. It was quite disapointing since I really likes Ljunggrens before.

  15. Serah Resid T.
    Serah Resid T.
    • 89 reviews

    WOW! Amazing tastes, it was a great surprise. The oysters to the sushi to the small plates of Asian tastes was simply great. Nice atmosphere and really easy environment. Will definitely go back soon.

  16. Anne B.
    Anne B.
    • 33 reviews

    The food is freshly made and refined, friendly staff but the menu on sundays is very limited.

  17. Sara B.
    Sara B.
    • 5 reviews

    God sushi!

  18. Louise B.
    Louise B.
    • 15 reviews

    Fantastisk mat men hög ljudnivå i lokalen.

  19. Erika K.
    Erika K.
    • 51 reviews

    The overall experience was positive but the portion of the food and wine were very very little in relation to the prices they charge. The food was good but nothing special. We didn't pay full prices for the food (we had 30% off) so it was okay but I was still hungry afterwards. A very small glass of wine was 135kr. It was a bit of a surprise since we never got to see the menu. The service was a bit slow but the staff were very nice, friendly, and helpful. We sat upstairs at the terrace since the regular dining area was closed. It was nice.

  20. Victor B.
    Victor B.
    • 14 reviews

    Good service! Good food but relatively pricy for those small portions and average quality.

  21. Jennie W.
    Jennie W.
    • one review


  22. - -.
    - -.
    • one review

    Fantastisc food but mediocre service and boring atmosphere. The tables and chairs feel like IKEA bought furniture Next time, I'll eat upstairs if they serve dinner.

  23. - -.
    - -.
    • one review

    Bäst i Sverige

  24. Mia S.
    Mia S.
    • 2 reviews

    Fantastisk mat & gudomliga drinkar!

  25. Ranasha R.
    Ranasha R.
    • 4 reviews

    Ljunngren's has always been a perfect balance between cozy, fun and relaxing. Great location, great place for AW or for a nice dinner with friends. The food has improved over the years and I love that the menu changes. The service has always been good, but could definitely improve. The staff is friendly, but sometimes forget to check in with customers to see if anything is needed. This has happened a few times.