Reviews Manolito por Dios!

  1. Steve B.
    Steve B.
    • 46 reviews

    Good choice of tapas dishes and very fair prices in a local setting. Thanks to the waitress with her help on some English, and sorry for my bad Espagnol! :)

  2. Steve B.
    Steve B.
    • 46 reviews

    My first attempt to understand a Tapas menu, very pleased. Good location not far from my apartment, food was great, and the waitress helped me understand what I was ordering with good English. Thank you very much, I'm sure I'll be back again!

  3. Tony B.
    Tony B.
    • 76 reviews


  4. Gema A.
    Gema A.
    • 31 reviews

    Trato fenomenal, ambiente tranquilo! Y además vimos que disponía de parque de bolas!! Hamburguesa espectacular!!

  5. Ben F.
    Ben F.
    • 14 reviews

    The menu has a wide variety of dishes with a mixture of cuisines. We enjoyed the saquitos de queso. There is a play area in the restaurant, which is great for entertaining kids. The staff were friendly and welcoming.

  6. Susana T.
    Susana T.
    • 13 reviews

    Me esperaba más. ....

  7. Rubén B.
    Rubén B.
    • 10 reviews

    Restaurante muy agradable con muy buena hamburguesa y entrantes, y una excelente carta de vinos a muy buen precio, cosa rara hoy en día. Muy recomendable.

  8. Raquel S.
    Raquel S.
    • 46 reviews

    Todo miy rico, pero las raciones de los platos principales son muuy grandes, por lo menos para cenar