Reviews - Miller & Carter - Albert Dock

  1. Martin W.
    Martin W.
    • one review

    We had cause to return one of our starters the food quality was not to the high standard that Miller and Carter normally offer. The table service was poor overall, I accept it was a busy evening for them but not acceptable overall. We had discussion with staff and the manager around our visit and experience but being honest it seemed to us as though we was given lip service and no apology. Would we recommend this Miller and Carter !!!! Not one we will be visiting again for sure.

  2. Robert B.
    Robert B.
    • one review

    Both myself and wife thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Miller and Carter. The meal was excellent and it is great to be served your meal on an actual plate as opposed to a slate or a piece of wood that seems to be the fashion in other pretencious eateries. I will definitely be back for another visit.

  3. Margaret R.
    Margaret R.
    • one review

    Fillet steak best I’ve ever had

  4. David J.
    David J.
    • one review

    Lovely menu. Excellent & speedy service. Very attentive waiters.

  5. Jenni D.
    Jenni D.
    • one review

    Great place to dine, very welcoming staff, perfect atmosphere and of course AMAZING FOOD look forwrad to next time.....

  6. Sigríður G.
    Sigríður G.
    • one review

    Good food,nice service

  7. Denise H.
    Denise H.
    • one review

    lovely service, nice friendly staff, delicious food good value for money very busy but efficient service; great atmosphere lovely location drinks a little expensive