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"Mussol's bravas" spicy potatoes
Stuffed olives
"Mussol's olives"
Acorn-fed Iberian ham croquettes
Acorn-fed Iberian ham, tapa
Acorn-fed Iberian ham, plate
Toast with acorn-fed Iberian ham


Mussol's fried eggs with acorn-fed Iberian ham
Mushrooms stuffed with baked vegetables and goat cheese
Fonda macaroni
Homemade cannelloni
Mussol's escargots with salt and pepper


Mussol: lettuce, endive, palm hearts, avocado, egg and radish
Seasonal tomatoes with tuna and tender onion
Spinach with Berguedà goat cheese with sunflower seeds and tomato vinagrette
Prawns with avocado and diced marinated tomato

"RECAPTE" cocas

Smoked salmon, fresh cheese cream and green apple
Acorn-fed Iberian ham with melted brie and rasted leeks

Coca bread

Toasted bread
Coca bread with tomato

Charcoal - grilled vegetables

Charcoal-grilled courgette with dried tomatoes, mató fresh cheese, tapenade and virgin oil
Charcoal-grilled aubergines with goat cheese, basil oil and hazelnuts


Charcoal-grilled tuna filet with avocado, sautéed vegetables and tomato
Charcoal-grilled cod with vegetables


Charcoal - grilled free range chicken with Mussol's fries and salad bowl
Charcoal-grilled Montseny botifarra sausage with aioli sauce and Santa Pau beans
Mussol's meatballs with mushrooms, potatoes and asparagus
Charcoal - grilled veal hamburger with Mussol's fries, salad bowl and Mahón with walnut sauce
Charcoal - grilled beef medallions with Cadí creamy cheese, Mussol's fries and sautéed vegetables
Charcoal - grilled Girona veal entrecote with Mussol's fries, salad bowl and mushroom sauce
Charcoal - grilled Holstein T-bone steak (800g) with Mussol's fries and salad bowl


Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine
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