Reviews - Nonna Italia Ristorante Pizzeria

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    • 2 reviews

    5 different salami was very good as well as the spaghetti vongole and asparagus ravioli. the risotto had too much water in it and was disappointing.Overall a good food experience.

  2. Lynn B.
    Lynn B.
    • 57 reviews

    Good was very good; service was lacking. Perhaps the just need more staff, but the wait once we were seated was long. No menus, then forever to get water, wine... while other tables were served and seated after us. Too bad as it was a cute place.

  3. Anna S.
    Anna S.
    • 14 reviews

    Lovely people And nicely priced good honest food. Recommend,

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    • one review

    We had a nice dining experience at Nonna. The service was super nice and they were super sweet with our energetic toddler. We thought the menu was a little unimaginative (expected f.ex. more pasta dishes) but the food we got was solid, not mind blowing but better than anything else we have had in Stresa so far.

  5. Andrea S.
    Andrea S.
    • 3 reviews

    The restaurant is on a side street in Stresa. We were warmly welcomed and served a very nice dinner including a caprese salad, ravioli with asparagus, and lamb cutlets. Quite delicious. Only unfortunate thing to damage the evening was a continuously wailing baby at one of the tables - certainly not the restaurant's fault.

  6. Sam B.
    Sam B.
    • 6 reviews

    We had a wonderful evening and an excellent meal. The service was oustanding and personal!