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La Bonilla potato crisps

Ocaña's fresh drinks

Vermouth granita with "El Xillu" olives
Gazpacho granita with vodka

Rice and pasta

"Sanmartí“ noodles casserole with green asparagus, endive hearts and gorgonzola
Rice with red prawns and marrow, pimiento ​​pepper and cognac (for 2 persons)

Price per person

Countryside style rice, with butifarra from "Cal Tomàs", green beans, mushrooms and fine sherry (for 2 persons)

Price per person

Empordà style rice with langoustine and Espelette pepper (for 2 persons)

Price per person


Sea bass with mató and Maria luisa vinaigrette, served with green beans and watercress
Turbot with chargrilled aubergine and a sauce of mussels, yuzu and red pepper
Grilled mackerel with pickled carrot, fennel and coriander


Grilled pork belly "Ral" with a romesco sauce of nyora, cocoa, and hazelnuts, served with onions and tender garlic
Young cockerel from The Landes marinated with lime and thyme, served with mashed potatoes and prunes marinated with vermouth
Fillet of beef (180 gr.) with truffled bread crumbs, pine nut mustard and sautéed spinach


Beef burger with smoked cheddar, romesco sauce, mustard pickled cucumber and lettuce served with French fries
Pepito sandwich of Iberian pork with pickled red peppers, red curry and basil
Pepito sandwich of eggplants marinated in miso with pickled onion, black olives and yogurt


Cheesecake with raspberry sorbet and ginger crumble
Carrot cake with toffee, milk ice cream and passion fruit
Chocolate fondant of Guanaja 70\% with vanilla ice cream
Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries dressed with a citrus romesco sauce and Chantilly


Our selection of traditional olives
Green pickled chillies, just a little spicy
Our "gilda" with green pickled chilly, olive and anchovy


Bread with hand knotted tomato
Focaccia with black olives
Sourdough bread

Cured meat and fish

00 anchovy from "Perelló" (4 fillets)
Small plate of acorn-fed Iberian ham
Cured beef from "Cal Tomàs" with black pepper and thyme oil
Selection of artisan cheeses with traditional quince

Bravas Ocaña style

Potatoes with aioli and 12 Mediterranean aromas oil

The classics

Ham croquettes (3 units)
Fresh squids at Andaluza style

Fried vegetables

Onion fritters with a basil and spicy tomato sauce
Mini carrots in tempura with coffee and orange, and fresh cream

Cold & warm dishes

Barcelonoise salad with tuna belly, black olives, escarole and breadsticks
Green salad of lettuce and leaves with a Pedro Ximénez vinaigrette
Salad of green asparagus, trocadero lettuce, white garlic vinaigrette, arugula, radishes and pine nuts
Hummus with smoked almonds, endives, confit lemon and mint
Homemade smoked salmon "Label Rouge" with mustard pickled cucumber and Horseradish
Confit of longfin tuna belly from "Nardín" with salad of tomatoes and coloured beets in shallot and galangal vinaigrette
Steak tartar dressed with a romesco sauce of black butter and anchovy, served with toasted bread

Warm small plates

Steamed broccoli with lemongrass and chilli
Mussels sautéed in a romesco sauce of basil, coriander and green chilli pepper
Ricardo's broken eggs with tuna and avocado
Potato tortilla with onion made at the moment


Bottle of champagne
Glass of champagne
Bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine

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