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  1. Annie H.
    Annie H.
    • one review

    We loved this restaurant. The setting was very pretty and not touristy, the service excellent and the food was sublime with ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers, tuna tartare with chilli and mango, herb crusted lamb and superb homemade bread, some with turmeric, some with onions and sun-dried tomatoes. All really beautifully presented. I can"t recommend it highly enough.

  2. Madalyn M.
    Madalyn M.
    • 2 reviews

    Was referred here by a friend and was an amazing experience. The owner came to our table and made our dinner very personalized. The food was so fresh. The restaurant is a must! I will be back on my next trip to Taormina!

  3. Claire B.
    Claire B.
    • 4 reviews

    Nice little restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. A friendly welcome. We enjoyed the zucchini flowers with ricotta, prawn risotto and sea bass. Great choice of local wines too.

  4. Nikki R.
    Nikki R.
    • 5 reviews

    Quite a small restaurant so we recommend you book, The food was very tasty and well presented and a little bit of a variation form the standard menu that most of the restaurants seem to serve, particularly with the starters. Weirdly they do not offer any contorni, so you cannot add any vegetables on the side, but we enjoyed it and is one of the few restaurants in Taormina that we would recommend.

  5. Hailey H.
    Hailey H.
    • one review

    This dinner was very disappointing. In fact, nearly inedible. After a beautiful speech from the owner about how everything on the menu is fresh, and an interesting menu, we ordered happily 2 dishes that sounded incredible. When we received our risotto with red shrimps, what we received was very sad. It wasn’t truly a risotto, you could tell that it was just rice with a sauce poured on top. Then for the shrimp... where were they?? There were only 2 very tiny shrimps (the kind that you only find frozen) in the whole dish. On top of this, there was not a trace of salt. It was completely bland, not even a taste of shrimp. It was tasteless. We complained to the waitress who said she would tell the cooks. Then arrived our second course, a grilled piece of tuna on zucchini with onions. The onions were still cold and were clearly the kind that come straight out of a jar. Then the tuna... horrible. Again, this dish did not even have salt. We complained and asked for some salt and pepper and oil to try to fix it ourselves. But still, the quality of tuna was bad. It was definitely a frozen tuna (not fresh like we were told by the owner) and had a rubbery feel. On top of this, it didn’t have a flavor of having been grilled... it looked like it was, but it tasted like it had been grilled, then frozen, and then microwaved and plated for us. Just really sad. We also wanted to have a glass of wine, but the cheapest glass they had available was 16€. Then the bottles of wine we usually buy at home were over 4 times the price on the wine list. A normally 8€ bottle of wine was listed for 35€. And that was one of their cheapest wines on the list. In the end, extremely disappointing. We ate what we could manage because at such a late time there wasn’t much opportunity to get a reservation at another restaurant. On top of it all, it cost a lot. Was not worth even to walk in the door.

  6. David A.
    David A.
    • one review

    Perfect! Thank you so much. Amazing food, wine and service. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates good food. I will absolutely visit again!

  7. Carly W.
    Carly W.
    • 3 reviews

    Delicious locally sourced food, lovely atmosphere and friendly & informative staff. An extremely enjoyable evening!

  8. Neil P.
    Neil P.
    • one review

    Recommended by a friend who had enjoyed a cooking course there we went with high expectations. We weren't disappointed but the 'wow' factor wasn't there. The owner, Luca, is very proud of what he's created as he should be but it needs a little extra zing.

  9. Javier E.
    Javier E.
    • 25 reviews

    Not cheap but quality ingredients well cooked, definitely worth to try

  10. Thomas L.
    Thomas L.
    • one review

    What a great place. Amazing food and service.

  11. Joe D.
    Joe D.
    • one review

    Spent 12 days in Sicily an came here twice. Luca (the owner) runs a top flight place. Best 2 meals we had in Sicily. I would highly recommend OSD to anyone traveling to Taormina.

  12. Carolyn  C.
    Carolyn C.
    • one review

    Best in Taormina. Owner was personable, welcoming and the food was fantastic.

  13. Silvina C.
    Silvina C.
    • 3 reviews

    Great cheff and fantastic food

  14. Antonio A.
    Antonio A.
    • one review

    A great find in Taormina. Really worth a stop... stayed there for a late dinner, the staff was very kind, and the dish were excellent. Must try...

  15. ANTONIO D.
    • one review

    Esperienze sublime come sempre..

  16. Nathalie  F.
    Nathalie F.
    • one review

    We went to Osteria Santa Domenic à yesterday night. We were just my husband and I despite booking for 4 ( our friends didn’t come) but the manager of the restaurant was extremely nice and understanding. He is one of the reason why this restaurant is amazing he talks to you about his menu& food like a poem, he is a real character. The food itself is excellent and we’ve tried the specials of the day ( which are a complete additional menu) with no regrets. It’s the best food we had in Taormina! Service is great too! We will definitely come back!

  17. Christian L.
    Christian L.
    • 6 reviews

    The food is amazing and the owner and his staff are very helpful and friendly. I recommend to take the dishes the owner recommends as the daily specials.

  18. Joanna S.
    Joanna S.
    • 11 reviews

    Very warm welcome from the owner who walked us through all the dishes of the day. We both opted to choose from the specials and didn’t even read the menu because they sounded so good! The terrace is great for people watching and you can also see in to the chefs working in the kitchen.

  19. Annette P.
    Annette P.
    • 14 reviews

    The owner was on good form and made our evening enjoyable - delicious local wines served in proper size glasses - food delicious and large portions - we had the red shrimps and a calamari starters followed by tuna stack and an excellent steak served with a truffle sauce - most enjoyable

  20. Daniel B.
    Daniel B.
    • one review

    Food was excellenct, But the Chef wasn‘t focused on his guests. His attention goes beside to other things while he is talking about his recommondations of the day. No one asked us if we were satisfied. That was pretty pity.

  21. Carolyn P.
    Carolyn P.
    • one review

    An excellent experience from beginning to end. Not a large menu (all to the good as this usually means food is freshly cooked) but with options to choose innovative dishes of the day. Staff were efficient but friendly. We were impressed not only with the food but the owners eye for detail with the decor and even the huge balloon wine glasses perfect for red wine. Overall we were very happy with choosing Red and White, from the bread selection to mussel chowder, squid and the pastas. All beautifully cooked and a little bit different. We hope that we have the good fortune to return.

  22. Shalohm C.
    Shalohm C.
    • 16 reviews

    The wait for the food was incredibly long and the food portions were not fulfilling enough. The taste could be better. The staff was nice though.

  23. Gabor A.
    Gabor A.
    • 4 reviews

    Tourist trap

  24. Sean L.
    Sean L.
    • 4 reviews

    It was NYE and they had a special menu. It ended up being a very expensive meal.

  25. Polina N.
    Polina N.
    • one review

    Great atmosphere. Charming host. Really recommend the menu of the day, which Gianluca will describe to you himself verbally. For the organic local wine try Terra dei Lupi.

  26. Rosalind B.
    Rosalind B.
    • 10 reviews

    Lovely food and wine, and a personable owner who was very engaging (and seems to take it upon himself to do most of the service personally). We weren't given a wine list when we sat down and subsequently felt quite rushed making our drinks order (however the owner was very helpful and we ended up with a delicious Etna Rosso). Starters and mains came in a timely manner and were very tasty - notably the pasta with black pig ragu. Unfortunately our experience was let down when we waited 45mins after finishing our mains before we could get anyone's attention to order desserts. After a further 15mins wait, with wine well and truly gone, and no sign of said desserts (which were all pre-made in glasses from what we had seen) we decided just to pay up and leave. The owner seemed genuinely apologetic about our experience and offered us a complimentary glass of sweet wine on our way out, which was delicious and very welcome - however didn't quite cover the sour end to our evening.

  27. William  B.
    William B.
    • 3 reviews

    Food was great but pricey. Owner treated us and served us. A lot of positive energy. Expect 100 euro for 2 with wine